HRC may prohibit baptize babies born on New Reproductive

18 Nov

baptize babiesROC may refuse to baptize children born to a surrogate mother. Head of the Department for External Church Relations ( DECR ) of the Moscow Patriarchate , Metropolitan Hilarion said today that such reproductive technology from the point of view of the Christian faith is not acceptable . Metropolitan Hilarion noted however , that the question of pastoral practice with regard to the relationship to the biological parents as well as the baptism of infants born to a surrogate mother, is highly ambiguous . On the one hand, anyone born baby can be baptized – the faith of those who intend to baptize him . Himself baby does not carry the blame for the way his birth into the world. On the other hand, the responsibility for the Christian education of the baby bear parents and godfather- quoted by RIA ┬áNews section of the DECR . Metropolitan added that if parents do not believe the way the birth of their child’s sin , then the subsequent Christian education of the child out of the question .

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