A78b there is contrary to all the theories

solar planet KeplerExposed extra solar planet Kepler-78b in accordance with all current theories of planet formation can not exist. This planet is a complete mystery – says astronomer David Latham of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CFA). – We do not know how it formed, and how I got into its orbit. We only know that the planet will die for sure.  Extra solar planet Kepler-78b in all modern concepts of astronomers purely can not exist Kepler-78b – is actually a ball of molten lava diameter of 9200 km and a mass of 2 times the size of Earth, which revolves around its star in 8.5 hours. Exoplanet is different from all the planets discovered hitherto density similar to Earth. In Kepler-78b density is only 20% larger than that of our planet, and also exoplanet, like Earth, is rocky and contains iron.

Kepler-78b orbits the Sun-like G-type star in the constellation Cygnus at a distance of 400 light-years from Earth. However, according to scientists, Kepler-78b can not exist on its orbit with a distance of 1 million kilometers from the star. She could not have formed there, as during the formation of the star was younger and more in diameter, and thus the formation of Kepler-78b in such a case should occur within a star. Also, an extra solar planet could migrate to the star with more distant orbits, as in this case, it has long had to fall on the star. However, the planet Kepler-78b is doomed. Gravity star inexorably pulls the planet is getting closer, and 3 billion years it will be too close to the light and breaking it into pieces that will be burned up in the atmosphere of the star. It is interesting that our solar system, too, could have such a planet, but by now she would have died without leaving a trace. 

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