Dark matter and dark consciousness

consciousness darkMaxwell, in his Dynamic Theory of Electromagnetic Fields writes: However, speaking of the energy field, I want to be understood literally. All energy is the same as mechanical energy, whether it exists in the form of elasticity, or in any other form. Energy in electromagnetic phenomena – is mechanical energy. The only question is where it is.

But if the substance is matter? Obviously – no. This is only a form of matter. And we, the real creatures, and only available to watch the transformation of real entities.

And, to some extent, change the shape, but not the content. After form – an idea, it is only in our minds. We are not only carriers of producing thoughts, but at the same time, its product of our thoughts, as, indeed, – it is the same product and everything else. Separate reality from someone who captures this reality – it is impossible.

Heisenberg said that the roots of any event go to other worlds, and we humans can not observe and learn about the processes occurring in these worlds, and can only perceive their manifestation in our world.

To clarify our position and wording of the final conclusions, we resort to the method of analogy. This method, of course, is not perfect, but other methods are not better, and if better, then only ceteris paribus, which are usually unequal. By the way, Maxwell when presenting his theory of electromagnetism, actively used as illustrations and images of mechanical analogy.

And in Buddhism is often cited image of aqua to demonstrate the illusion of the existence of isolated entities. Therefore, we consider water waves on the ocean surface. Their appearance is due to transformations in the other, more subtle world – the ocean of air. The energy comes from an air ocean and therefore with respect to the waves on the water, is the dark energy reflecting the movement of dark matter – air. Anyway, scientists fish exactly what they think.

Course sea waves, too little impact on the ocean of air flows, but waves extinguish wind only in works of fiction. Again use an analogy, this time, to give our scientific reasoning flair – mathematical. Known property of mathematical continuum: on the unit interval [0,1] is the Lebesgue measure of the set of irrational numbers power is equal to unity, and power measure set of rational numbers – zero. If you try to use this property to our analogy, the power measure light energy will be 0, and the dark energy – a set with a measure of power 1.

That energy and maintained, because it is not of this world, and we do not add nor subtract can not!

All available to us in our the world energy and manifestations of matter are dark with no less dark backgrounds. Light energy and matter explicitly not only presents us with their light of consciousness, which is also rather dark than light.

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