China and Russia are preparing for war with the U.S

07 Nov

Russia and china warChina and  Russia  are preparing for war with the U.S. According to a new report by the Defense Ministry , the recent interception of Turkish bombers Russian reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea – is a direct response to the sudden withdrawal of U.S. Russian cooperation with NATO on missile defense, writes portal Before it’s news. Cancel Putin presidential decree in 2011 on the establishment of an intergovernmental panel in this field is considered in the report as a significant step in the consolidation of peace , the author notes . With this move , he continues, the Russian president makes it clear the United States and NATO that Russia would  meet force on the actions of the West and , in particular, the mad  global tyranny of the Obama plan , which threatens to destroy not only America , but also the European Union . The report says that the U.S. is actively monitored the test of Russia’s nuclear forces last week. In addition to this in the preparing for war Putin sent to South America two strategic bombers Tu- 160, to practice hitting the United States . A step to war with the United States  in the report and described China’s actions : sending intelligence ship in the territorial waters of Hawaii. This measure was called ” provocative response to the presence of U.S. Navy in the East China Sea.

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