A Python swallowed the sleeping drunk man

pythonOne of the residents of the state of Kerala in the south-west of the India is not big trouble, when he was a drunk, asleep near a liquor store. By sleeping man crawled a huge python, and while he slept, swallowed whole accident.

As seen in the awesome pictures, live snake swallowed a sleeping man, swollen to gargantuan proportions. However, some journalists have doubts about that picture now.

According to them, this a walk on the Internet for a year and the last time when it is under discussion, as the author of images showed the South African photographer Linda Niatoro. According to her, this picture was taken near the town of Durban North in South Africa. Who or what at this python swallowed, not specified.

Whatever it was, picture bloated snake will be a good warning to travelers who have decided to go to exotic countries.

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