A hybrid solar eclipse

solar eclipseAstronomers biophysics astrophysics and just fans of the beautiful already headed for Africa, with the territory of which it will be possible to observe a total solar eclipse. At this time the moon is not just close the Sun. Before this eclipse will be an annular – that is from the sun will be glowing ring that almost a minute hang in the sky. Here is a space show called hybrid – first ring, then a total eclipse. Altogether, the shadow of the moon on the passage of the surface of our planet 13,600 kilometers. Starts in the Atlantic Ocean, finishing in the east of Africa. eclipse, scientists will be watching from the Irkutsk State University (ISU). Together with research equipment will be located in the north of Kenya, near the town of Lod war.

Here, the duration of the total phase of the eclipse will be 15 seconds. According to a scientific expedition leader Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, ISU Provost, long-term partner,Komsomolskaya Pravda Sergei this will be his sixth eclipse, and such a short period of time is enough to catch photograph the solar corona. Its something, in fact, should be investigated first. – Observations during the eclipse will determine the parameters of the solar corona, obtain spectra of the upper layers of the solar atmosphere and see whether there disturbing anomalies, – says Sergey Arkturovich. astrophysicists have already collected a good base. In 2006, they observed a total solar eclipse on Terskol in Elbrus, in 2008 – on the south-western Mongolia, near the Gobi desert in 2009 – on the islands of the archipelago of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean. In 2010 – on Easter Island. The current data will follow the dynamics of the solar corona. And, perhaps, to understand whether to wait filth from the sun in the next few years – at least, experts from NASA, they promise. Like, shining able to flash so that the emerging magnetic storm will burn all of the transformers and the computers on Earth.


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