Dark matter and dark consciousness

consciousness darkMaxwell, in his Dynamic Theory of Electromagnetic Fields writes: However, speaking of the energy field, I want to be understood literally. All energy is the same as mechanical energy, whether it exists in the form of elasticity, or in any other form. Energy in electromagnetic phenomena – is mechanical energy. The only question is where it is.

But if the substance is matter? Obviously – no. This is only a form of matter. And we, the real creatures, and only available to watch the transformation of real entities. Continue reading “Dark matter and dark consciousness”

Why three-dimensional space?

Three Dimension spaceThree-dimensional space because it is anthropomorphic. At Euclid it is isotropic. And in our sensations – anisotropic. Distinguishable mind: sky-earth, left-right, back and forth. The idea of three-dimensional space is generated in our minds corresponding asymmetry of our body, mind discernible. The idea of the extent of the mind consists of the evaluation of the capabilities of our Hand. If we were weightless balls, then would live without concepts of space.

Question of the dimension of space in mathematics justified, if the concept of dimension makes sense for objects – elements of the space. For those vectors it makes sense, so the vector space can always be identified. Should not be understood literally mathematical terms. Continue reading “Why three-dimensional space?”

Several areas of Illinois declared tragedy zone

disaster placeU.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed a document under which several areas of Illinois exaggerated by the devastating tornadoes on November 17 declared a natural tragedy zone.

With this power the most affected counties – Champaign, Douglas, Fayette, Grundy, Jasper, La Salle, Massac, Pope, Teyzuel, Vermilion, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, Will and Wood ford – can be expecting to receive financial help from the federal budget. Continue reading “Several areas of Illinois declared tragedy zone”

The brightness of the comet ISON fell 50 times

ISONThe intensity of the comet ISON dropped 50 times, according to NASA. This can be seen from the images taken probe SOHO.

Earlier it was reported that the comet began to crumble due to the approach to the sun. According to American astronomers, the comet melts and leaves behind a trail of gas and dust that stretches for thousands of kilometers. It is possible that the comet nucleus has undergone a complete destruction. Continue reading “The brightness of the comet ISON fell 50 times”

The Japanese got to the moon

 the moonLarge Japanese construction company Shimizu Corp. Developed a shows potential project that would completely change the way humanity about the promise of alternative energy. It proposes to create around the equator of the moon so-called energy belt of solar panels, the power of which would provide several major countries need electricity.

According to the plan, electricity from the belt will be transmitted to Earth through special microwave or laser transmitters. Continue reading “The Japanese got to the moon”

A Python swallowed the sleeping drunk man

pythonOne of the residents of the state of Kerala in the south-west of the India is not big trouble, when he was a drunk, asleep near a liquor store. By sleeping man crawled a huge python, and while he slept, swallowed whole accident.

As seen in the awesome pictures, live snake swallowed a sleeping man, swollen to gargantuan proportions. However, some journalists have doubts about that picture now. Continue reading “A Python swallowed the sleeping drunk man”

Eight astronomical mysteries

astronomicaWorld exists about 13.7 billion years, but there are still many mysteries that still can not solve humanity. Science magazine named the most problematic secrets according to astronomers.

Dark energy is supposed that dark energy – a mysterious force that causes space to grow with ever-increasing speed. This term is used by astronomers to explain the accelerating expansion of the universe. Prove this elusive force is not yet possible, but scientists believe that it is approximately 73% of the universe. Dark Matter Dark matter – the invisible mass, which is believed to be about 23% of the entire universe. Continue reading “Eight astronomical mysteries”

Gardens of Babylon

Gardens of BabylonOne of the seven wonders of the world, Hanging Gardens of Babylon by no means settled in Babylon, as ancient historians wrote. The true birthplace of the garden city is located 400 kilometers north of the previously unspecified place, and his real age at least a hundred years more.

So says Stephanie Dalley, an archaeologist from Oxford, who spent nearly two decades of life on quest for the legendary miracle of light. Continue reading “Gardens of Babylon”

Odd date and Odd number

Number odd dateIn the history of one family from heartland by some amazing coincidence, or perhaps it was recognized destiny, that the number 38 became fatal. Of course, the couple did not immediately Gerasimov noticed such a coincidence, but after a few fatal events when they become 38 for the number of life and death – not a lot, not a little – they already knew about his additional fate of many, if not all.

Indeed, spouses Gerasimov knew that their marriage will last 38 years. That is what happened: in 2012, died wife and husband died shortly thereafter. Continue reading “Odd date and Odd number”

Volcano in deep Antarctic ice sheet

volcano Live volcano is spewing magma at a depth of over a mile below a huge ice sheet. It is an unprecedented discovery which points to the possibility of a major eruption, but with totally unpredictable consequences. 

A team of seismologists led by Douglas Wiens of Washington University made the discovery after detecting a series of earthquakes of low magnitude in the West Antarctica – the type of earthquakes that often precede volcanic eruptions. The researchers ruled out the possibility that these events that were occurring at a depth of 15 to 25 miles (25-40 km) below the sub-glacial surface were caused by earthquakes of glacial ice movement or activity tectonics due to deep and long period waves. Continue reading “Volcano in deep Antarctic ice sheet”