Several areas of Illinois declared tragedy zone

U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed a document under which several areas of Illinois exaggerated by the devastating tornadoes on November 17 declared a natural tragedy zone. With this power the most affected counties – Champaign, Douglas, Fayette, Grundy, Jasper, La Salle, Massac, Pope, Teyzuel, Vermilion, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, Will and Wood ford –… Read more Several areas of Illinois declared tragedy zone

The Japanese got to the moon

Large Japanese construction company Shimizu Corp. Developed a shows potential project that would completely change the way humanity about the promise of alternative energy. It proposes to create around the equator of the moon so-called energy belt of solar panels, the power of which would provide several major countries need electricity. According to the plan,… Read more The Japanese got to the moon

Eight astronomical mysteries

World exists about 13.7 billion years, but there are still many mysteries that still can not solve humanity. Science magazine named the most problematic secrets according to astronomers. Dark energy is supposed that dark energy – a mysterious force that causes space to grow with ever-increasing speed. This term is used by astronomers to explain… Read more Eight astronomical mysteries

Gardens of Babylon

One of the seven wonders of the world, Hanging Gardens of Babylon by no means settled in Babylon, as ancient historians wrote. The true birthplace of the garden city is located 400 kilometers north of the previously unspecified place, and his real age at least a hundred years more. So says Stephanie Dalley, an archaeologist… Read more Gardens of Babylon

Odd date and Odd number

In the history of one family from heartland by some amazing coincidence, or perhaps it was recognized destiny, that the number 38 became fatal. Of course, the couple did not immediately Gerasimov noticed such a coincidence, but after a few fatal events when they become 38 for the number of life and death – not… Read more Odd date and Odd number