Wounded kangaroo himself came to the pharmacy

17 Oct

kangarooEmployees and visitors to the pharmacy at the Melbourne airport witnessed a kangaroo, who sustained an injury to run over by a car, he came to the pharmacy. One of the managers of pharmacies, Lou Johnson, first signals his colleagues found that entered the building animal, just a joke, and continued to work. However, after just a moment, he realized that his comrades are not configured for the rally, and appreciated the seriousness of the situation, leaving the pharmacy along with the visitors and the rest of the staff.

Kangaroo was also put to sleep quickly arrived rescuers who delivered him to the vet. The animal had been seriously injured both hind paws, but doctors have done everything necessary to help an unexpected visitor pharmacy.
As it turned out later, the kangaroo had wandered into the airport from the plantation that is located nearby. The animal tried to jump on the second floor of the terminal building, but did not give up and hit by a car

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