Who will give us signals from space?

31 Oct

UFOsThe region Ozma star Tau China adopted a clear coded pulses. In the press over the past decade, a huge mass of published material about the signals from space flights and accidents UFOs, mysterious crop pictures that resemble the coded messages of a different mind. first officially recorded case of getting mysterious signals from outer space dates back to 1889. It happened in the Colorado lab of Nikola Tesla. Repeated experience has given no result. In 1921, the strange signals received Guglielmo Marconi. And again it was a coincidence. After seven years of scientific press reported about the mysterious echoes of any facility located outside of the Earth’s ionosphere. 1959 – NASA’s recorded signals of unknown satellite of our planet, but soon reported that this is a mistake.

The most significant event in this area occurred in 1961. During the project Ozma matches for artificial radio signals in space group of Dr. Frank Drake auditioned sector star Tau-China. Were recorded clearly coded pulses. Astronomers have conducted two search programs – Ozma Ozma-2 and -3. And every once received clear signals. But the endless debate of “artificial” or is “natural”, so to what and failed. In the end, the Pentagon intervened, saying that scientists have caught the transmission of classified military radio … Contact us or a hoax? In the archives of amateur researchers of so-called paranormal phenomena, too, can find a lot of interesting evidence on this topic. In 1929, for example, the signals are “aliens” are not caught radio telescopes, and traditional radio in the wake of 75 meters. Someone who identified himself as Nick, for a long time, alternately in different languages was reading the text of the address of the Coalition troop observers / KOH / to the inhabitants of the earth. Nick said that in the vicinity of our galaxy cluster gravitational drifting cyclone, capable of destroying all life on the planet, and called mankind to join the Coalition, so that she had time to put the world in preparing for the dangerous phenomenon. If it was a prank, then entertained a very talented and educated people. This report cites instances, well-known, and today only a limited number of specialists.

Something similar happened November 27, 1977 in England, south-west of London. On the territory of about 120 square kilometers violation occurred suddenly broadcasting. Image disappeared from the TV screens, and an unknown voice said that he was a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization that mankind is on the wrong path, that earthlings must destroy weapons of evil, and this time there is not much … Police to undertake an active search for “alien”, loudly promised to soon submit it for all to see in court. And later on, so no one and did not find him, but shyly spread her hands. Specialists London TV, involved in the investigation, said that he did not represent the way the joker managed to carry out his show – too bulky and expensive equipment is required. But all of this on the level of conversation. Is there any tangible evidence that the world wants to contact someone from outer space? The forgotten manuscript few years ago, the coordinator of the research association Kosmopoisk Vadim Chernobrov handed me the manuscript of a member of the British UFO Association Anton Anfalova1 Conspiracy of Silence: The Mystery of UFOs.

In it, in particular, it was alleged that in 1980, in the Urals air defenses shot down a “flying saucer , “which was delivered to Zhukovsky airfield near Moscow city and there is hidden in a special hangar. This operation is strictly secret until now, but it reflects the earthlings such important information that, in his opinion, it is vital to seek disclosure of information about visiting our planet representatives of alien intelligence. Frankly, I reacted incredulously to the content of the manuscript, and she lay down for a long time in my desk. But recently there have been developments that reminded her and forced to return to the issue of UFOs. joint venture has already reported that last year there was a unique (though little noticed) event in the life of mankind: for the first time in the history of our civilization created an official representative Relations with the aliens. It was headed by 58-year-old scientist and astrophysicist Mazlan Othman of Malaysia. Since 2011, the agency has received funding and became fully operational at the UN. However, what it does every day, hard to imagine. Mazlan Othman herself and characterized its objectives: “The continued search for extraterrestrial communication with residents give up hope that one day mankind will accept signals from extraterrestrials.

When this happens, we need to give a coordinated response that will take into account all aspects of the question. ” Then I remembered the manuscript and a member of the British UFO Association Anton Anfalova. It is too long, so you have a quote with comments. The fact that in 1947 in the U.S. state of New Mexico, near the towns of Socorro and Roswell UFO crash occurred, the world has heard from many reputable researchers and witnesses, dared to break the taboo of silence, so far superimposed structures responsible for the concealment of facts, begins Anfalov your message. Written dozens of articles and books, removed a lot of documentaries and feature films on the subject (“Roswell,” “Hangar 18” and others). There is also a film about the opening of a humanoid from the crashed UFO that many authoritative experts and recognized authentic. But the fact that one sixth of the land, which was the former Soviet Union, and there have been several similar incidents, is little known even among the researchers of the UFO phenomenon.

On one of them, which occurred in the Urals, told the famous Ukrainian ufologist Alexander Leonidovich Kul from Kiev, referring to major general aviation, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Valery Povich Knorr unfortunately already deceased – ST and a corresponding member of the International Academy of Energy Science Ville Efimovicha Landa of the Moscow region town of Zhukovsky. Anfalov writes: Not without the help of the Landes able to establish that in the known test Ramenskoye airfield near Zhukovsky near Moscow is one of the hangars – the Soviet equivalent of the famous American Angara-18, where an atmosphere of secrecy for a long time there was a UFO. And further: Major-General reported Kul V.F.Knorr the following: I want to tell you privately about one case. On it was discussed in the secret documents that I have seen … Our pilots shot down plate in the Urals several missiles … Were organized search for a fallen object. The disc found, it was the large size, matt-gray, with a dome over ten, even fifteen feet in diameter, maybe more … Inside, they found the bodies of two dwarf creatures. There’s also found fragments and strange devices. It was heavy, glassy fragments, the inner surface of which was as if fume structure. Without the slightest sign of anything resembling a wire, circuit boards, fasteners, etc. Glass it was practically non-transparent … The General, as his companion, puzzled over the fact that UFOs as it seemed was hit by a conventional air-defense missiles conventional fighter! As it was known many cases where attempts to attack the plates and the repeated attacks on UFOs, even the most advanced weapons systems, did not give any results, and often and led to disastrous consequences for the attackers – to disaster fighter-interceptor missile explosions …

But the fact was that, as the mystery of the downed disk – a mystery … Anfalov in his manuscript and referred to the letter received later than three years after the accident, in late 1984, the head of the Yaroslavl UFO Study Group Yuri Alexandrovich Smirnov from witnesses from the Urals who witnessed the fall of the disk and the work at the crash site special group of soldiers. return address on the envelope indicated that the letter came from the village of Likhanova Verkhotursk district of Sverdlovsk region. Witness Vladimir Boyko wrote that stumbled on a note of Smirnov in a local newspaper, where he asked for all UFO witnesses to come forward and write to the Yaroslavl UFO study group about their observations, and decided to talk about the case, the direct participants who was he and his friend Oleg Bauer (such notes Yu.A.Smirnova in the late seventies – early eighties were published in several newspapers throughout the Union, and Yaroslavl team actively sought information on UFOs from the public through such publications and articles in various newspapers.) According to V. Boyko, west of their village twenty kilometers into the forest in the spring of 1980 (around the middle of April) fell weird disc-shaped object, about what was said in the county many. Due to this burning taiga. Among the witnesses was his friend Oleg Bauer and residents of the nearby village Glazunovka, as well as several people from the district center.

They said it was, they say, the satellite, the satellite but he clearly was unlike, for, according to O.Bauera was round, with a dome and large size – fifteen to twenty feet or so, similar to the “flying saucer”. Unfortunately, this letter has been withdrawn from the archives of the KGB Yaroslavl UFO study group after appearing in Trud newspaper articles about UFOs, “Exactly at 4.10 …, which caused a lot of noise in the country. However, in a subsequent Anfalova able to obtain information from a former head of the Sverdlovsk Air Defense Division A.V.Kovalenko retired colonel and former staff officer of the 4th Army Air Defense Colonel Yu.I.Shalinskogo, thanks to which it was possible to restore the circumstances of the incident, which occurred on Urals, April 14, 1980. UFOs in the Urals Anfal says it this way: “At about midnight April 14, 1980 air defenses 4th single Ural army of more than a hundred kilometers to the north of Sverdlovsk were reported strange marks on the radar and flashes of light in the sky – AAP abnormal atmospheric phenomena, as it was adopted officially named UFO reports. To the signals of the system state identification targets are not met and therefore did not have on-board transponders. Total radio equipment on the PPI (plan position indicator radar – approx. Aut. Recorded a three, then four marks the fourth goal that appears and disappears. From RIC army, as reported by Colonel Shali, who was on duty, received a message: goals dramatically change the height and direction of flight and clearly unlike any known aircraft. Included additional radar type 5N84 Dubrava, and others, provide information to the RIC.

Notification of finding any of their goals in this area air defense have been reported, as well as to conduct any testing. Local Air Defense Command hesitated a long time to intercept the target or not because they are a changing and uncertain nature (they started doing these exercises, which raises doubts about their reality – dramatically changed the height from 10 to 20 kilometers, and on the flight path, veering onto the radar screens of side to side for tens of kilometers, like ghosts, moving zigzag speed of targets was at least 1.5-2 M and also jumped sharply … have been advanced version of this system crashes of radars, some interference caused by disturbances of the magnetosphere, temperature inversion, or significant weather phenomena, or some clever tricks likely opponent, perhaps with the help of air probes – ADS (automatic drifting balloons potential enemy) with the equipment of electromagnetic interference.

Finally, they decided, and was given the command to raise the interceptors. Around 01.30 local time on April 15 to intercept a UFO with a large Savino airfield on the outskirts of Perm duty was raised a couple of tall MiG-25PDS (the high-speed and high-altitude air defense fighter of the period until the MiG-31) of the local air defense regiment, and on the Lower Tagil raised another a pair of MiG-23P. pilots received an order to detect unknown aerial targets to the north-east of Nizhny Tagil, try to identify them, and if possible to force objects to land at the airport. hunt for UFOs lasted about 20 minutes, and planes were chasing a UFO in afterburner round to the south of Nizhny Tagil in the general clockwise direction, having spent almost the entire supply of fuel. After a while, one MiG-23P was forced to return to Nizhniy Tagil. pilot told the officers ran to the cockpit after landing (and wrote in the explanatory memorandum, he saw two bright white light glowing object – one looks like a cigar, the second – on the pancake or plate that instantly spark flashed past his plane and immediately afterwards refused on board electronic systems, which almost led to the catastrophe of a fighter.

When it became clear that the escort and force a UFO landing on the airfield does not succeed, the PS was given the command to use weapons. Around 03.50 local time , the pilot of a MiG-25PDS grabbed one of the goals of on-board pulse-Doppler radar, Sapphire-25. Saw objective and visually as a luminous object on the course. pilot released two missiles at once. goal defeat was confirmed by ground-based radars, screens which observed a sharp decline, and then the disappearance of the mark. Three other marks almost immediately after that disappeared from radar screens. pilot report after landing stunned command. Mayor insisted that he had seen more moments before a missile launch, a disc-shaped UFO was struck by another UFO – cigar-shaped. This puzzle remains unsolved. ” Search operation began searching the crash site of the target. 5.05 In one of the pilots of the search party received a message: I see the place of the fall … It is a pillar of whitish gray smoke, felled trees … like a fading hearth fire. There’s a long trench …

The object is detected. “pilot to make circle above the point where the target object is photographed on-board camera, and then he was ordered to follow the airfield Aramil near Sverdlovsk. Upon landing near Sverdlovsk film from the camera and ran quickly got to exercise and MiG pilot was rushed to the headquarters compound of Defense to report to headquarters. The incident was promptly reported to the CCU defense in Moscow. information on RF channels at once and came to the chairman of the KGB Yuri Andropov, who personally oversaw the UFO problem. Shortly special plane-laboratory Tu-134 took off from Chkalovsky airfield special commission. in Sverdlovsk formed a group of experts that Mi-8 helicopter flew to the disaster area, without waiting for the Muscovites. By 11 am, she found the object in the forest about 20 kilometers to the south of the district center Verhoturie. Immediately it became quite clear that fell in the forest, there was no no spy plane any foreign power, no satellite or balloon-tip or ADSs, nor anything else known. This was not a creation of human hands. After breaking a wide swath of ancient trees, among the clubs of gray smoke, lying on its side huge drive, partially buried in the ground. Pilots ‘pinwheel’ found a suitable clearing in the forest a half mile from the crash site and planted there by helicopter.

Sverdlovsk Sonderkommando began examination of the object. One of the most important witnesses, Vladimir Stepanovich now a retired colonel, in the time – the commandant of a small military garrison in the village of Upper Tura west Krasnouralsk. At night, he got on the special communication from the district headquarters urgent orders – to raise the garrison on alert, select from the personnel of the unit to perform a specific task, wear chemical protective suit and insulating masks, to give a weapon with full ammo, take a radiation survey instruments and withdraw personnel to cordon area between taiga and Krasnouralsk Verhoturie district center, where, as has been said, has fallen to an important secret – one of the Soviet satellites. told him and other servicemen , the evacuation of the object should keep secret from all outsiders, given the situation of cold war and the likely interest in the incident of foreign intelligence services. Through the testimony of Vitkov able to establish and reconstruct a number of important details of the incident. Division Vitkov, having flown first on the road to the village and Krasnoural’sk neck of then rolled onto the back forest road along the river Salda in the direction of the village and district center Glazunovka Verhoturie. object fell, as it turned out, a few kilometers from the country road, struggling to get to him. expose the cordon. Eyes arrived at the military has opened more than amazing

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