What is being done behind closed doors NASA?

doors NASAAmericans believe that NASA conducts dangerous experiments on humans. Despite the fact that the U.S. space agency NASA operates from the state budget, and over the lack of budget for 2014 was to get away, like many other government agencies, including the observatory, on vacation at his own expense, it still works. Although the official NASA site is idle, it does not mean that such a respectable agency abruptly ceased all of its development, monitoring of active missions, numerous experiments and gone on indefinite leave. Too many important experiments conducted by scientists NASA, that’s so easy to quit or leave without monitoring. too much money are at stake and the interests of the big men, serious military and political organizations, too important projects underway. The fact that it is permissible to know us, mere mortals, only a small fraction of what is actually involved scientists NASA. And, even if in connection with the budget problem will be frozen many space missions, it does not mean that other important will be interrupted for someone experiments and projects. Recently, there are rumors that the scientists of the space agencies are very dangerous for human experiments on orders, including the development of biological weapons and nanotechnology, as well as their human trials without the knowledge of the latter. But we are too small and insignificant little people to be able to somehow affect it, learn more about it and ban dangerous experiments if they are maintained. 

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