Three of the most puzzling facts about space

spaceThe bottom of the lake Tchebarkul this week, scientists will try to get the biggest piece of the meteorite. To investigate this, the fragment will be gathered a large group of scientists. However, space has always attracted the attention of researchers. Here are 3 of the most puzzling facts about space.

1. Aliens living on Earth many centuries ago in the Mexican city of Onavas found a unique burial of unusual creatures resembling humans. The remains looked truly fantastic: the narrow orbit, elongated skull, deformed teeth … The archaeologists managed to unearth the remains of about 25.

Explain the strange structure of bodies, they were only able to the fact that ancient people intentionally deformed skulls in their rituals. Ufologists also claim that the remains found belong to aliens who were at the origin of life on our planet.

2. The first trip to Mars will take place in 5 years The first people who make a trip to Mars in 2018, is a married couple – a man and a woman. They will have to spend 501 days in a tiny space of 35 cubic meters, half of which will be filled with supplies and equipment. Scientists are developing a special program of continuous employment of crew members that they did not have time to quarrel and sadness. Thus, it is expected that they will carry out experiments on his body, to do special exercises and observe what is happening behind. To land on the surface of Mars astronauts will not: flying a short distance from the surface, they return to Earth.

3. Hell is on the Sun Recently, American scientists announced impressive data. It turns out that in 1973, NASA’s got a strange message from a space ship Skylab-2.

Excited told the astronauts that they see millions of people in the fiery solar flares. We see the burning dead. We see hell in a stunning statement. Years later, the curtain opened a little secret message. It was found that during the study of solar flares has been used film. At some point, the astronauts saw millions of human faces distorted with pain and horror, steamed in space, which was recorded on the photo. The members of the expert committee confirmed the authenticity of the photos, stating also that the existence of ghosts scientifically proven. However, definitive conclusions American experts still can not. Mystics also claim that outer space is a kind of purgatory where the souls of the dead await their further fate – if they get to the Earth or in the solar inferno.

Uniqueness of this part of the universe proves one more very specific, but inexplicable fact. In 1963, the space was launched American astronaut Charles Gins, but three hours after the start of communication with it was lost. 28 years of NASA believed he was dead, but in 1991, Hins said that the landing and returned to Earth, drive to the Pacific Ocean. How could people live in the capsule such a long time without food and oxygen reserve, no one knows. The psyche of the astronaut was clearly broken. Seeing people, he fell into a tantrum and shouted, Never again! Never! They are our enemies! It is interesting that the food in his capsule was almost untouched.

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