These are the five most expensive beer in the world

Can you imagine what it tastes like a beer for $ 800? International Forbes magazine has produced a ranking of the world’s most expensive beer. The cheapest is sold for $ 150. We review the top five: Ale Antiparticle Antarctic ice is made and is made with 90% water. What makes it so special? In addition to the source of your water, have hit the market only 30 bottles of this beer. That makes it the most expensive in the world. Your price: 600 euros.

Brew dog is named after a book by philosopher Francis Fujiyama. It is produced from the distillation repeated nettles and juniper parts of the Highlands of Scotland. For a long time was considered the beer with higher alcohol content, until it appeared Schoolbook 57. Each bottle of Brew dog costs 574 euros. Jarlsberg Jacobson Vintage already at a great distance from the first two, at least as far as prices are concerned. Only thousand bottles were produced. It was launched in 2008 and many interpreted it as a challenge to the luxury wine market. It is aged for 6 months in French oak barrels Corrected. Can take one for 300 euros.

Schoolbook 57 appeared on the market in 2011 and until the arrival of Brewster was considered beer with higher alcohol content, 65% of its volume. Produced by George Treacherousness brew master, there were only 36 bottles. The price amounts to 206 euros. Samuel Adams Utopias close the ranking. The beer produced in the Samuel Adams of Boston. Just goes to market every two years and in limited editions. Its design is reminiscent of the copper kettles where it is bottled for more than 100 years. Thirteen U.S. states prohibit its sale because of its high alcohol content. It serves no gas at room temperature. 112 euros.

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