The sinister secret bloody chuchelnika

BloodySouth America there is an ancient custom of cutting off the heads of the enemies and keep them in a special way . After special treatment , they are transformed into tsantsa – very small human heads , employees Indians amulets. With tsantsa connected many sinister stories. In 1976, a German lawyer Michael Roger , being in transit in Hamburg , went to the gift shop . There were sold small, the size of a fist , the human head . It was mostly the head blacks, but one was white-skinned . Roger looked closely at her more closely, and froze in horror- The face of the head was very similar to the face of his missing son . He hurried to buy a “souvenir” and went on with him straight to the police. But the guards just shrugged their shoulders . This souvenir toy. Grounds for a criminal case no . However, they sympathized with the unfortunate father , who with sorrow everywhere imagining lost son . Then Roger had hired a private investigator , a former investigator Johan Dreyer . He found that the established mass production of these heads , and a wholesale shop in London. In the British capital, the detective handed one of the negro heads to study the expert. The conclusion that he did, puzzled detective. The head was created by technology from a tribe of South American Indians hivaro .

It dwells in inaccessible areas of Ecuador and is known for its barbaric customs, preserved from ancient times . Hivaro hunt for human heads , which are then reduced in a special way and stored. In general way as follows. With soaked head shrinks the skin along with the hair . Then this skin is cooked in a special herbal blend. It is soft , supple and at the same time reduced in size . She rolled , filled with small stones or sand , stark naked , and then sutured . The hair on the head, preserving the old length , the Indians decorate the feathers , causing head becomes frightening appearance . Only then it is believed that an evil spirit , which is in the severed head, conquered.

Head becomes tsantsa – a sacred talisman tribe. Currently, bounty hunting is forbidden throughout South America. However tsantsa are rabid demand among collectors . A terrible bounty hunting continues. The detective found out that the head come to London from Ethiopia and off the trail . There he found out that there is a staging post . However, the main organization is located in the Central African Republic. It was there that he worked lost son Michael Roger . Dreyer settled in Bangui and began carefully to ask local white residents. In those years the country was ruled by Emperor Bokassa -eater . Europeans working in Bangui on contracts were intimidated and did not venture to pry on the urban fringe , as in all the time someone lost . Usually, people went to the talks , and never to be seen again. Sergeant strongly advised to abandon the investigation, even if he is going to get over this mountain of gold, but Dreyer was one of those who bring the follow through . He waited until the ” swallowed ” him. African unfamiliar appointment for an evening on the outskirts of Bangui. The owner , before you start a business conversation , offered Dreyer whiskey. The detective knew it was time to act , pulled out a Colt revolver and pointed it at his head African.

Negro admitted that he was given the task to poison his guest , and a body should come from the villa people across the river . In 1979 there was a revolution , a villa gang stormed the military. White residents of Bangui learned that Villa criminals have developed the business of manufacturing tsantsa . These corpses were brought from all over Africa . The secret of reducing the head knew one person , Ecuadorian , known by the nickname King Coco .

Ostensibly this Coco was the son of an Indian priest. Witnesses described him as being bloated , bald , with a big belly . He often walked about naked , but with a lot of beads and bracelets. He also loved the ambiance of young virgins. He mocked them , and laughed when the girl screamed in pain. Scary Coco assured that their energy is needed to create tsantsa . Bandits appreciated Ecuadorians its weight in gold , but do not let him out of the villa. About the same time as the villa has penetrated Dreyer , Coco was killed under mysterious circumstances. with his death and ceased production heads, because no one knew the secret of their manufacture. The detective also disappeared . Perhaps the bloody battle cost him his life , or he’s still hiding , fearing revenge mafia .

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