The new plague on the head of earthlings

earthlingsThere is a new plague on the head of earthlings – Scientists have recorded a record for the last five years, reducing the speed of the Gulf Stream ! The warm Atlantic Ocean – the main climate forcing much of Europe and North America ! This is clearly seen if we compare the average temperature in January is perennial . For example, in North American cities located in the latitude band 40-42 degrees north latitude , the highest temperature in January in the coastal New York City – 0.4 °. And in Chicago , located 1,100 kilometers from the coast, is -6.1 °.In the capital of Iowa, far from the ocean and a half thousand kilometers, January minimum of -7 °. The same pattern and in the Old World : the distance from the coast the average January temperature is reduced , on average, by 0.4-0.6 degrees per 100 kilometers! For example, in Glasgow ( 55.52 ) – +3.5 °, and in Moscow ( 55.45 cw ) – only -9.3 °. But back to the decreasing speed of the Gulf Stream . According to recent measurements on the North American portion of its speed dropped by almost two times as compared to 2012 ! Some researchers conclude from this about the inevitability of a fierce winter in the upcoming season. Is this true ? Even from school physics course clear that the rate of flow by itself does not mean anything . Important volumes of transport or portable water temperature ! And in the case of a proportional increase in these values , the effect of slowing down will completely. Recently published data that the temperature of the water off the coast of New England has increased, on average, by 6.2-6.7 °. Thus , the Gulf Stream is warmer water in large quantities, but with a lower speed! In support of these words in the illustration shows a map of sea water temperature in the North Atlantic. It can be seen that the surface layer of the ocean in the latitude band 60-50 degrees north latitude is very warm – +10 … +15 °, it is a few degrees higher than is necessary at this time of year. So visit the store for coats can be deferred until the

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