The kid talked about his past life

LifeA huge grain of salt belong to any kind of mysterious and unexplained phenomena, but something happened that made my husband and I strongly think about the supernatural in our lives and about life in general. Our son was a little over two years, when it happened. To say it was pretty late. At least we thought so against the background of his peers, who already being talked and expressed almost hard-compound sentences. And our continued Nikita molchat. Zagovoril it exactly two years, at once, a lot and clearly pronouncing every sound and very correct.
But it’s not about that. When the son was a little over two years, one evening my husband was writing a fairy tale romance on the move and offered Presented to choose the protagonist of this tale. The son clearly uttered the name – Kanik. This Kanik pop up in his speech quite often.

Casually asked about who this Kanik. Imagine our surprise when we learned that Kanik – is king. He rides a horse. He has a sword. Moreover son treated him very unfriendly. And then even said that this Kanik in one of the battles killed him. Exactly – he calmly said this, as an accomplished action. We began to look for information about the king Kanika and what was to us when we learned that the king Kanik actually lived in ancient Central Asia in about the 8th century BC Even found a coin with his image. Sources of the era known as the Arab conquest of Khorezm – The country of a thousand castles. The child told the story several times, never changing events. So for a simple children’s fantasy that could not get through. He could not remember would be that wrote before, and the event would somehow change. became interested in information on the subject and found that there are many parents who just found out that the events and the stories told by their children, sometimes really are, memories of the past lived their lives. And the age when it occurs, has clear boundaries. most often it is a period of two to three years, much less four to five years.

Children speak about things about which to know because of their age simply can not. The impetus for the memories often becomes an event, experience or just an object. So, the little girl with her mother was driving in the car and saw the sun glare on the glass. And then he talked about how riding on the bridge, who also shone in the sun and fell into the river and drowned. Another boy was afraid of the sound of salute. When they asked him, he said that he is a soldier of the Civil War, described the fight and said that would be shot in the arm, and then killed. What is interesting is that in place of injured hand on the boy’s story from his birth had eczema, which could not be cured. My son grew older and a year later did not remember the story of the Kanika. But the favorite of his game, and there was a war game. It weapons and war, his favorite game. Now my child seven years, and he continues to “fight.” He sculpted out of clay soldiers, gave them spears and swords carved from pieces of wood, and bought us cars and trains did not interest him. Only now, instead of soldiers fashioned out of clay added computer games.

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