The Holy Grail

Holy GrailThe history of mankind between culture, religion , mythology and science, there has always been closely linked. In this connection special importance are the allegory and symbolism , which is close to mysticism . In ancient philosophical schools and mysteries always felt the primacy of pagan traditions , and from whence the mysticism . Philosophical and religious idea is the basis of the legend of the Holy Grail , the legend of which , for centuries , passed down from generation to generation. We are not dogmatic , because we believe that traditionalism – the curse of modern philosophy , and for this reason we offer several versions of the interpretation of the material. The Holy Grail , which, according to legend , had incredible force , to this day remains a mystery shrouded in obscurity . It remains inexplicable than it is in reality. In this connection, there are different versions . According to one of them, the Holy Grail – is a relic from a golden image of Noah’s Ark , according to another – Graal is a gem . Subsequently, symbolically identified with the Grail mystery of knowledge, which were worthy of only your favorites. However, the most common opinion has it that the Holy Grail – a golden bowl with the Last Supper , which contains the blood of the crucified Christ. According to legend, during the Battle of the Archangel Michael his fiery spear from the crown of the archangel Lucifer , knocked the green stone. Subsequently, from this stone produced the cup from which at the Last Supper Christ drank wine .

According to legend, after the crucifixion , Christ’s body was handed over to two people to save. It was Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea , which in the Gospel there is only a brief message . None of them was a disciple of Christ. Joseph was initiated . English explorer A.White even calls it the first bishop of Christianity Timeless symbols of the Holy Grail – the cup filled with the blood of the crucified Christ , and the tip of the spear with which the blood glass – Joseph of Arimathea took with him to Glastonbury , where a place had been prepared in advance for the construction of the church. Thus, according to legend, was founded Abbey .

According to another version of the transportation of the Grail , the cup which Joseph of Arimathea filled with blood of Christ crucified , Mary Magdalene brought the south of France , where later , a whole series of stories and novels. Researchers have always been interested in the origins of these legends. Most of them believe that the basis of these legends is a Christian apocryphal. However, some believe that the local origins of these legends have their origins in the ancient Celtic mythology .

The pagan roots of the Grail legends are associated with the ancient Indo-European myth of a magical vessel as a symbol of life and rebirth. Later, as the legend has acquired a new meaning , and adopted the Christian connotation. By the early variant of the stories of the Holy Grail is a Conte de Graal published in 1180 about a famous poet and troubadour of Chretien de Troyes. The story remained unfinished . Its hero , a knight Percival of Wales. His literary image is based on an ancient Welsh saga of the giant by the name of Pryderi , and the stories , which often refers to the magical chalice.

Welsh heroes of the epic , in turn , emerged from more ancient Celtic heroes. For example , King Lear ” was born from Lery , shrouded in mystery from the people of the tribes of the goddess Danu .” According to the myth , its people are somewhere in the north brought the magical things: the invincible sword and spear , which later , in the legends of King Arthur , transformed into the Holy Grail , Spear of Longinus , who was wounded Christ , and the sword Excalibur.

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