The generally accepted theory of human evolution

evolution humanInternational group of scientists in Georgia have been found fossils that show that several species of early human ancestor belong to the same species Homo erectus .This conclusion was made by anthropologists from Israel, Georgia , United States and Switzerland , after a study of skulls that were found in a small town in southern Georgia .

In addition to the skull , the age of which 1.8 million years old, were found and other remains of ancient man and bones of extinct animals . Discovered discoveries forced scientists to rethink views on human evolution in Africa.

Experts argue that the skull is the most important discovery to date, and it is so stunning that some of it is considered controversial. As scientists assume on-site finds a skull siting watering hole that human ancestors shared with animals , and who died within a few centuries. Find in Georgia refers to an early form of Homo erectus and having the proportions of the body , as well as modern man . About 1.8 million years ago, there was this kind in Africa , and perhaps was the first who could use fire and cook food . Then this man migrated away to Asia.

Found the skull belonged to a man who was howling a long face and large teeth. Cranial capacity was 550 cubic centimeters , and it is one of the smaller skulls that are found in this place. Unusual sizes found skulls forced scientists to compare the difference in the size of modern humans and chimpanzees .As a result of research , they found that the skull found in Georgia , differ in the same way as that of modern humans and chimpanzees. Hence the conclusion – that the skull does not belong to different species and one species of Homo erectus .

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