The black hole of the Milky Way suffered an explosion 2 million years ago

13 Oct

Milky Way suffered its last explosion two million years ago, according to a study has determined, published in The Astrophysical Journal and developed by scientists at the University of Sydney and Below Observatory .For years, astronomers have suspected that the center of the galaxy had been an explosion ‘recent’ but so far, no date had been set. Evidence that there had been a rash filament comes from a gas, mainly hydrogen, known as current Magellan.

For twenty years has seen the strange glow of the Magellanic Stream and did not understand the cause. Then we realized it may be the brand, the fossil record, a huge burst of energy in the center of the Milky Way said one of the authors, Jose Bland-Hawthorn.In his view, these brands are the sign of a true cataclysm in the past. Thanks to infrared and X-ray satellites, experts have been able to see that there was a strong wind  of material from the central region. Also, antimatter ‘boiling’ has left his signature: those known as ‘Fermi bubbles’, two huge bubbles of hot gas inflated outward from the center of the galaxy, and have been observed through gamma rays and radio waves. 

Scientists studying the galactic center have gathered this week at a workshop at Stanford University (California), where Professor Bland-Hawthorn explained the existence of gas streams that may be holding the memory of past galactic center.So, in terms of the Magellanic Stream, the scientist has indicated that emit light like the Earth when particles from the sun hit the atmosphere causing the auroras at the poles. In this case, the faulty ultraviolet radiance is dividing the hydrogen atoms into protons H-alpha,

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