Now you can learn how cats see the world

18 Oct

cats seeThe digital photos and computer technologies, each of us can now look at the world view of a cat. It’s an interesting experience, because such a seemingly familiar, sees the creature is not the case, as we are.

Nickolay Lamm in collaboration with veterinarians and ophthalmologists decided to demonstrate how the world sees the cat – the beloved person for a discussion on the Internet. Scientists know that the sight of cats greater than ours: cats can see in the range of about 200 degrees and -180 people.

However, with visual acuity in cats are worse: cats see things sharp, not blurred, but at a distance of up to 6 m, and people with normal vision – up to 30-60 m, however, when it comes to vision in the dark, the cat far ahead, because instead of the abundance of color photo receptors, which take place in the center of the human retina in cats and dogs in the center of the retina contains a large number of sticks, which are responsible for night vision.

Thus, cats see in the dark at 6-8 times better than humans. In addition, the wand can follow the very fast movement, so the cat can easily keep track of, for example, the movement of the point of the laser pointer, although the person is 10 times better see the slow moving items. With regard to color perception, it is believed that the cat best seen in the wavelength range 450-454 nm and 550-561 nm. There are some studies that say that cats see well in the range of 500-520 nm . It turns out that cats, like people, they see in three colors, but with a shift to the violet and yellow part of the spectrum.

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