Mystery pictures with the spirits of the American William Mamlera

picturesAmerican William Mamler in 1860 started the production of photographs in which the background could be seen spirits. His lab did not know lack of customers. In 1869, he tried to stand trial for fraud, but failed to show how photo hoaxes.

Mamler ill with schizophrenia and took with him to the grave the secrets. 1860 – this is the worst time in the history of the United States, hundreds of thousands killed in the Civil War. The country blooms spiritualism craze when relatives of dead soldiers trying to evoke their spirit. Boston engraver William Mamler time to realize what the main trend of the times, and made it a good capital.

In 1862, he moved to New York and began work on a technology that can display photos in the background silhouette of another person. Mamler says it is the spirit of a relative taking photo of man. Mamlera fame grows, the day he earns up to $ 30-40 (3-4 thousand dollars in today’s terms).

The company still thrives because the wife Mamlera – medium, organizer of the seance. In 1863, local photographers, politicians and scientists have tried to expose Mamlera. They staged a public examination of its operations – a photographer with them all manipulations produced during filming. But after weeks of investigation and surveillance expert advice they have not managed to figure out how to appear in the photographs Mamlera spirits. In 1869 Mamlera already trying to sue the New York City Court. The process takes about a month, and again fails to demonstrate that the photographer – hoaxer. However, this trial strongly undermined the authority and finances Mamlera.

Legal costs cost him 5,000 dollars unthinkable at the time the money, about 500,000 at current exchange rates, and the clientele, though the evidence and was not, it was beginning to suspect fraud. And the hype around the seance began to subside: The civil war ended five years ago, and during that time, many people have become accustomed to the death of relatives. William Mamler for some time continued his photographic work, but without the old scale. In the late 1870s he falls ill with schizophrenia, and in 1884, at the age of just 52 years, dying of boredom as they called a nervous breakdown and breakdown. Before his death, he destroyed most of his working papers and photographs.

To have survived about 2 thousand pictures of his laboratory. Photographers and scientists still have not come to a consensus as Mamleru checkered such pictures, though they were actually silhouettes photographs the bereaved relatives his most famous picture – the widow of President Abraham Lincoln on the silhouette of her deceased husband. One version – Mamlera worked on a team of thieves. Situation was the process could. Man posing for pictures and leave your address. Mamler promised him to deliver the photo home in 3-4 days. If during this time pilferers could get into the house to photograph and find there pictures of his dead relatives, then this photo Mamleru delivered, and it was superimposed on the image photographed.

The resulting photo proclaimed spiritualist, he was taken for an increased fee. If a photo of the deceased family member could not steal, the client issued ordinary picture with a simple explanation that “the spirit is not made contact. According to eyewitnesses, spiritualistic receives about one-third of all the pictures made Mamlerom. But this version is a version that is evidence that made it such manipulitsii, was not then and certainly not now.

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