Moscow has set an ultimatum-but it ignored the Netherlands

09 Oct

ultimatumMoscow continues to expect exhaustive explanations and real apology from the Netherlands for the incident with the Russian diplomat Dmitry Borodin. This was announced today, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich . The results of today, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands demarches related to the attack on the minister-counselor of the Russian Embassy in The Hague, Dmitry Borodin , can in no way satisfy the Russian side , Рthe diplomat said. The outcome of the discussions was more than disappointing. Reaction of our Dutch partners was obscure , unfair and not befitting the level of Russian- Dutch relations .  An attempt by the Dutch somehow justify the brutal police action does not withstand an elementary criticism.The facts speak for themselves: the night in the apartment of a high-ranking Russian diplomat break into police beat him , handcuffed and taken to the police station , make it impossible to contact the embassy of Russia , Рhe said. РWe are talking about the briefcase on the side that has international law and the obligation of the Dutch state to ensure its safety. and how would these officers acted in respect of the ordinary citizen , not rebuking diplomatic immunity ?In the case of Dmitry Borodin had been violated every conceivable human rights, Рsaid Lukashevich . РAnd in response Рsilence .

The Russian side “continues to expect exhaustive explanations , if at all possible, and the real apology from the Dutch side to take effective measures against the organizers and participants of this provocation , the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed . Statement by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,I can confirm that the Netherlands are investigating an incident involving a Russian diplomat who was detained Dutch police. If this investigation reveals a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the Netherlands then apologize to the Russian Federation, – told the news agency Interfax spokesman for the Dutch Foreign Ministry Thijs van Son . According to him , currently under investigation by the police of the incident, the Netherlands.

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