Habitable exoplanet?

14 Oct

exoplanetNear the dying star discovered asteroid watery In orbit of one of the dying stars known as white dwarfs, astronomers discovered an asteroid fragments that contain a lot of water. GD Star 61 has been removed from us at a distance of 150 light years and is considered moribund. Finding suggests that, in its planetary system could be habitable planets like Earth. This – the first time outside the solar system able to detect and water and rocky surface – two key conditions for life. Earth at its core – dry planet, only 0.02% of its weight is water. This means that the oceans have appeared after the Earth formed – it seems the most likely version of what our planet faced asteroids rich in water. This new discovery shows that the same system water supply on the planet and could not work in this distant planetary system dying star – and the discovery of watery asteroid of the same type, which brought water to Earth, confirms the validity of this hypothesis. analysis of the asteroid showed that water makes up 26% of its total weight, and in this he resembles Ceres , a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt in our solar system. Compared with the Earth, the relative weight of the water in them is much greater. Astronomers Cambridge and Warwick universities argue that this is the first reliable evidence of the coexistence of water and rocky surfaces outside the solar system, and see this as our possible future : maybe in about 6 billion years, scientists will study the alien rocky debris orbiting our dead star, and come to the conclusion that once existed in the solar system life.

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