Devastating trio for oceans

 oceansThe oceans for granted, like the endless abyss that can endure everything. It turned out that this is not the case. No matter how big the ocean, and the scale of our crimes against him, even wider. Scientists are talking about the disastrous trio that threatens much of the surface of our planet. This trinity attributed ocean warming, ocean acidification and loss of ocean oxygen. According to recent reports, the temperature of the surface water in the ocean has increased by 0.6 ° C. Acidification of seawater is due to intensive ingress of atmospheric carbon dioxide, neither more nor less – 30 billion tons of CO2 per year. No less dangerous, and reducing the amount of oxygen that most directly affects the reproductive capacity of the ocean. The systematic work of the trio faces the ocean in that it will soon become unfit for the life of many organisms. Judge of the International Programmer monitoring ocean Alex Rogers said: Health of the Ocean deteriorating far faster than we could have imagined. We are witnessing a major change, and we see more and more clearly their inevitability.  This situation should be of interest to all, because of the outcome of the battle of the ocean with a great trio of his enemies life itself depends on the Earth.

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