Ancient magic spell on a man found in Jerusalem

magic spellAccording to the Israel Antiquities Authority , in the oldest part of Jerusalem , called the City of David , found an ancient magic lead the table of content.According to rough estimates, the age of the relics of 1,700 years. The text of the table is written in Greek. In it a woman by the name of Cyril asks six gods to put a curse on a man by the name of modern Janis .Interestingly, in parchment combined elements of the four religions. Of the six , four are caused by the Greek gods  Hermes , Persephone , Pluto and Hecate, one of the Babylonian and one Gnostic .

In addition, the text contains Hebrew names of God.In the described ritual used a hammer and nails in order to gain power over man. Apparently , the text was drawn up a professional magician , but the content of the table can not establish whether this mag – Kabbalist Jew or Greek. It must be remembered that the Greek language is widely used in Palestine.We can assume that Cyril and Janis were middle- class Roman Empire, and between them there was a lawsuit .Magic table was excavated mansion , which was located in the City of David. Also, it was found during the excavation of a lot of things and objects of art.This is not the first time that Jerusalem is a table or parchment magical content.Also, some time ago in the north of Israel in Gamla were found two engraved on copper amulet , whose age is about 2,000 years old .

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