A few steps to save the world

worldThere is nothing complicated about to see are not flowing to taps in the bathroom and the kitchen. But from a dripping tap per day could leak up to 200 gallons of water – as much each of us spends the whole day! Also worth off the tap when brushing your teeth, to rinse your mouth with just one cup of water. Replace conventional light bulbs to energy saving in the home – they are sold in every store. But even after you do, try to make the most of natural light. And, of course, do not forget to turn off the lights when leaving the house. Keep warm – just as important as water and electricity. One of the most effective ways to save energy is to set the thermostat on the heating registers: Reducing the temperature of just one degree can reduce energy consumption by as much as 6%! Get a new habit – take the trash to recycle. Check your neighborhood collecting depot, collect deferred plastic bottles, cans, paper – and more! And if you are too lazy to make such global action, then at least try to throw their garbage in separate containers – glass in one paper to another. Unfortunately, many companies produce cheap and low-quality consumer goods, with the result, more waste in the form of harmful emissions . You can prevent them by buying quality things. Let you pay a little more expensive, but they last longer, and the natural resources needed to produce them, will be retained. reduce the consumption of meat, you can most directly affect the process of global warming.

The fact is that for beef cattle each year to more pasture, and for this purpose are being cut down whole forests! call to buy from local producers is under a not only economic and political framework. When you buy domestic products, eliminating the need for long-distance transport of their imported counterparts, and with it decreases and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. One of the most environmentally friendly modes of urban transport still remains a tram, and so sad to hear sometimes that the authorities of cities close tram branch. If you have the opportunity to influence the process, do it! Prefer car ride a bike. This way you can keep our air clean and at the same time to keep yourself in good physical shape.

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