300 years old body was found in China

old bodyChina found the coffin , which remained incorrupt 300 years . Stumbled on an ancient burial construction workers digging 2- meter trench in the suburbs of Zhengzhou , Henan Province – is in east-central China. Came to the place , archaeologists uncovered three coffins that were here .

Two skeletons were lying , and the third – the imperishable body that looked as if the person had died a couple of days ago. Miracle … After the grave, as determined by the person 300 years. However, the body recovered from the tomb before our eyes began to change – for a few hours, the skin turned black . An unpleasant odor , which was not there before .According to preliminary data, the imperishable 300 years the deceased was a high-ranking official. Now he was transported to a local university for further study.Scientists would like to understand how the body remained for so long. After all, they argue , China has not accepted to embalm the dead. But buried here looked better on Egyptian mummies , which plunged the complex procedures .Two years ago – also during construction – in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu was found 700 –years old woman’s body incorrupt in rich robes of silk and cotton.Guest from the prehistoric past But 700 years is not a record – either by time or by sound. In 1992, the Chinese engineers , a break during a training exercise in the tunnel hill just all in the same Henan province , at a depth of 12 meters stumbled on the tomb of an inverted pyramid.It was layered sarcophagus made by the type of dolls – the outer were inserted successively three inside .

In the most recent – 4th sarcophagus – was incorruptible female body with movable joints, elastic muscles and skin of natural color .The experts found that the dead woman was named Xin Chzhuy and that she died at the age of 50 years … 168 BC . That is almost 22 centuries ago. That at all weird. It is still studying.Head of the Department of Philosophy College of Sacramento ( CA ) , author of the book Encyclopedia of errors by Robert Todd Carroll- Established opinion : incorruptible bodies indicate the sanctity of their respective owners. However, the more likely they are a sign of a successful and orderly burial at which minimized the impact of the factors causing corruption.For example, to maintain constant temperature and air humidity , no putrefaction bacteria . According to experts , has long engaged in funeral affairs , some of the bodies are still in very good condition even after a few years after the traditional burial in the ground.

In China , where it was discovered the most well-preserved mummies , believed that the dead continue to live in the grave. Therefore, it is important that the body is physically maintained as long as possible . To do this, they were placed in massive graves and coffins – in places with stable environmental conditions. Kerrroll not know , but Chinese scientists have reported that the coffin with the imperishable 300 -year-old dead man was indeed massive – with very thick walls , besides, he was in a layer of charcoal , which, indeed , has provided a very stable storage conditions .

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