How long a person can live without food and water?

live without food Without the existence of water can lead to very serious consequences than the refusal of food. In hot weather without water a person can die in just a few hours from dehydration. Man, water is needed to maintain all vital processes in the body. Water is removed from the body through urine, sweat, feces, and even breathing. This process is necessary for our bodies. On a hot day the adult only then goes together with about 1.5 liters of water. The worst thing is that in the heat of the body temperature is increasing and if the body is not enough water, the person can die from heat stroke. Water in this case the body cools and reduces the temperature of the body. The first signs of dehydration: The drying of the mouth infrequent urination urine becomes darker in color and takes a sharp smell Moderate dehydration:

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Who will give us signals from space?

UFOsThe region Ozma star Tau China adopted a clear coded pulses. In the press over the past decade, a huge mass of published material about the signals from space flights and accidents UFOs, mysterious crop pictures that resemble the coded messages of a different mind. first officially recorded case of getting mysterious signals from outer space dates back to 1889. It happened in the Colorado lab of Nikola Tesla. Repeated experience has given no result. In 1921, the strange signals received Guglielmo Marconi. And again it was a coincidence. After seven years of scientific press reported about the mysterious echoes of any facility located outside of the Earth’s ionosphere. 1959 – NASA’s recorded signals of unknown satellite of our planet, but soon reported that this is a mistake.

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Ancient magic spell on a man found in Jerusalem

magic spellAccording to the Israel Antiquities Authority , in the oldest part of Jerusalem , called the City of David , found an ancient magic lead the table of content.According to rough estimates, the age of the relics of 1,700 years. The text of the table is written in Greek. In it a woman by the name of Cyril asks six gods to put a curse on a man by the name of modern Janis .Interestingly, in parchment combined elements of the four religions. Of the six , four are caused by the Greek gods  Hermes , Persephone , Pluto and Hecate, one of the Babylonian and one Gnostic .

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300 years old body was found in China

old bodyChina found the coffin , which remained incorrupt 300 years . Stumbled on an ancient burial construction workers digging 2- meter trench in the suburbs of Zhengzhou , Henan Province – is in east-central China. Came to the place , archaeologists uncovered three coffins that were here .

Two skeletons were lying , and the third – the imperishable body that looked as if the person had died a couple of days ago. Miracle … After the grave, as determined by the person 300 years. However, the body recovered from the tomb before our eyes began to change – for a few hours, the skin turned black .  Continue reading “300 years old body was found in China”

The generally accepted theory of human evolution

evolution humanInternational group of scientists in Georgia have been found fossils that show that several species of early human ancestor belong to the same species Homo erectus .This conclusion was made by anthropologists from Israel, Georgia , United States and Switzerland , after a study of skulls that were found in a small town in southern Georgia .

In addition to the skull , the age of which 1.8 million years old, were found and other remains of ancient man and bones of extinct animals . Discovered discoveries forced scientists to rethink views on human evolution in Africa.

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Devastating trio for oceans

 oceansThe oceans for granted, like the endless abyss that can endure everything. It turned out that this is not the case. No matter how big the ocean, and the scale of our crimes against him, even wider. Scientists are talking about the disastrous trio that threatens much of the surface of our planet. This trinity attributed ocean warming, ocean acidification and loss of ocean oxygen. According to recent reports, the temperature of the surface water in the ocean has increased by 0.6 ° C. Acidification of seawater is due to intensive ingress of atmospheric carbon dioxide, neither more nor less – 30 billion tons of CO2 per year. Continue reading “Devastating trio for oceans”

Week in space changes the eye

space changesThe total of 13 days in space enough to cause profound changes in the structure of the eye and the expression of genes, the study, which was led by scientists from the Space Center Lyndon Jones from Houston (USA). In the study, researchers studied how low gravity, cosmic radiation and oxidation stress affect the mice. In addition, this is the first study that has examined the expression of genes involved in the work of the eye, as well as the behavior of the cells after space flight. The scientists found changes in the expression of genes that help cells to cope with oxidation stress in the retina that occurs, probably due to radiation exposure. These changes are partially reversible after returning to Earth. Continue reading “Week in space changes the eye”

Russia began to twine Ukraine barbed wire

barbed wireRussian border guards have started to put barbed wire on the border with Ukraine. This was reported by Channel Irta . Such structures have emerged, particularly in the Lugansk region. When it happened, is not specified. The report stresses that the initiative Russians did not please the locals, who had previously crossed the border almost unimpeded. The fact is that many Ukrainians in the border villages Russian side live close relatives, to get to which it has now become much more difficult. According to the channel, formerly the Russian Federation and Ukraine have agreed on the establishment of a simplified border crossing for residents of border areas in the Luhansk region, but the project was never implemented due to lack of funding. Continue reading “Russia began to twine Ukraine barbed wire”

The new plague on the head of earthlings

earthlingsThere is a new plague on the head of earthlings – Scientists have recorded a record for the last five years, reducing the speed of the Gulf Stream ! The warm Atlantic Ocean – the main climate forcing much of Europe and North America ! This is clearly seen if we compare the average temperature in January is perennial . For example, in North American cities located in the latitude band 40-42 degrees north latitude , the highest temperature in January in the coastal New York City – 0.4 °. And in Chicago , located 1,100 kilometers from the coast, is -6.1 °. Continue reading “The new plague on the head of earthlings”

The Holy Grail

Holy GrailThe history of mankind between culture, religion , mythology and science, there has always been closely linked. In this connection special importance are the allegory and symbolism , which is close to mysticism . In ancient philosophical schools and mysteries always felt the primacy of pagan traditions , and from whence the mysticism . Continue reading “The Holy Grail”