What is this strange network found in the Peruvian Amazon?

No one knows what it is. At least for now. A strange sort of turret surrounded by a network as if a fence has been discovered in the Peruvian Amazon by a student who posted the pictures online. Some media experts have been consulted, but none have been able to clarify what appears in the images.

The strange formation resembles a small tower surrounded by something like a spider shaped vertical fence, about 2 inches wide. Troy Alexander, a graduate student at Georgia Tech, was the first one near the Tabulate Research Center. At first he thought it might be broken cocoon of a moth, but then discovered that there were

Alexander consulted researchers at the center and got no response. Then posted the pictures on Reedit to help him other scientists, but in vain. Those who have responded on the Internet suggest that it may be a kind of bud moth, a spider’s nest which protects their eggs or some fungus in training, but nothing conclusive. I have no idea what animal does that, he told Live Science Norman Plat nick, spider expert at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Maybe I can be a new species of arthropod, a spider or other insect never seen, hidden in the jungle as estimated may Razor, Cornell University, to the website of Wired, I think it’s something like a lacewing, but do not really know. Other colleagues responded similarly magazine. Moths Experts suggest that some of these creatures often build a fence around their eggs, so that the circular structure is already known, but none of that seems to know this. Still, it might be a good clue

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