Weather alter threaten Caribbeanhose

The experts are sounding the alarm about the property of climate change in parts of the Caribbean, which could exhaust the sources of eating water in much of the region, previously under intense pressure.The rise in sea levels might contaminate drinking water supplies and changing weather patterns could reduce the quantity of rainfall that reaches the dams in the on the islet of St. Lucia this week .

 The breakdown to act is not an option, said Elytra Fletcher-Paul, an administrator for the water and earth in theCaribbeanby the UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO, for its acronym in English. Water resources are not available.Some probable solutions include limiting development, increased use of desalination plants and better management of existing water supplies, but all face challenges in a region wherever many governments carr

Many Caribbeanhose¬†rely exclusively on groundwater for its needs, vulnerable source that could be affected by the effects of average temperature change, said Jason Johnson, vice president of the Caribbeanin volvement of Water and Wastewater, a non-profit based inTrinidad.That’s the biggest concern, he said. These weather patterns may change and may not unavoidably be the means by which water supplies are replenish at the rate that historically have improved

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