Tunguska, the mystery continues

04 Sep

Mysterious frequent The June 30, 1908, Eastern Siberia was affected by an explosion 2,000 times greater than the nuclear bomb that destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945, destroying 2,200 tetragon kilometers of Siberian taiga and millions of vegetation.The damage was enormous, a fireball as bright as the sun was seen streak across the sky, and observer heard 300 miles away deafening explosions.
The trees were flattened in a radial pattern over an area of 850 square kilometers; seismic vibrations were recorded by instruments to 900 miles gone. Fire lasting weeks.

 A huge object entered Earth’s atmosphere and was first seen in western China in the early morning of June 30, 1908. Within the Gobi desert caravans stopped and stared in amazement at the huge fireball. The people of Russia, heard a vociferous noise, people in small towns and villages were terrified. The seismographic center of Irrupts, 550 miles away, saw a great earthquake.Moscow,St. strong seismic shock. A column of fire burned bright above the horizon and saw hundreds of miles away, the noise was heard more than 500 miles. The fires in the forest lasted for weeks after the explosion. Canaveral merchants, 40 miles away, had to cover their faces from the heat. 15 hours after the devastating impact across Europe’s skies were illuminated for several nights, witnesses from various parts of Europe such as England,Denmark and Germany said they were able to read a newspaper in the middle of the night without using any fake light.

 According to experts, the nature of the detonation of multi-megaton Siberia, the thermal wave, the shock wave, its bright light or flash, black rain and the consequences of energy there is only one react:

The Tunguska event was not a native. Official information indicated that the object’s original route was Moscow. Millions of people would have died if the Tunguska explosion occurred had been in Moscow. Experts say anything except to Moscow in conceivable being calamity.

 Leonid Kulak e1 340098730242 150×150 Tunguska,  mysterious continua It was not until the winter of 1927-1928 that the first expedition was organized to investigate the happening. The expedition was led by Russian scientist Leonid Kulak, who went to the epicenter in search of a meteorite, which he believed was the only probable explanation for the event. His surprise like many other scientists was that there were no traces of any meteorite.

There are over 100 theories of the Tunguska event, including a UFO crash or a black hole. The first conjecture was created in 1908 by the native tribes Evince in eastern Siberia, who were eyewitnesses to the event. According to legend, the god of fire, Andy became infuriated and destroyed everything that lives in the area. Witnesses said there were several deafening explosions and falling trees possibly will be heard thousands of miles gone.Of the hundreds of research in the area of the epicenter or impact, has not found any evidence that a meteor crashed into the surface of the Earth. do not match any meteorite fragments and no crater has been confirmed at the site of the area.

 Levine Yuri, a Russian scientist, found some unusual quartz crystals at the site of the explosion in Siberia. Ten quartz crystals with holes in them, and other crystals had drawings.According crystals could be part of a navigation system for a spacecraft.Another 2004 report, explained on a scientific expedition, which apparently found a scientific device extraterrestrial, about 50 kilograms. The device was full to the city of Krasnoyarsk to be studied and analyzed. No more reports or analyzes, since the device moved out.

 One of the most normally acceptable theories today is that of a comet or a piece of the tail of a comet that hit the Earth’s surface. Vitally , director of the Department of Astrophysics at , said in an interview that the 1908 event was caused by a fragment from the tail of Comet Neck, which entered the Earth’s impression as a ball of ice with small interplanetary debris and to enter, exploded due to the negative ions in the comet and the helpful ions found on Earth. He noted that the comet Neck also revolves around the sun and approaching Earth every 3.3 years. Romaic participated in 23 expeditions to the Tunguska region. Other researchers added that part of the comet’s tail separated and created a giant ice ball. But this theory does not hold due to the absence of any meteorite material in the zone and rock rubble were not.

Some say that Tesla was the inventor of the project HAARP located inAlaska. Recall that the HAARP project officially used to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the latent to develop technology to improve the ionosphere for radio communications and surveillance. According to conspiracy theories would be a weather modification weapon. According to experts of the evidence which was originally supposed HAARP experiment, it was because before and after the event was observed the Aurora Borealis, a observable fact that has been experimental in some unnatural disaster.

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