The alien city under Japanese Sea

02 Sep

The coast of Japanese a mysterious ancient city in deep water. The city, which is described as enigmatic, has a pyramid in which some of the stone monoliths are engraved with some sort of strange symbols. Some research suggests that a race of giant aliens built the city long before the existence of humans. The pyramid is very small which makes it one of those smaller pyramids was created 100,000 years before the creation of the pyramids of Egypt.


Under tons of deep sea below the picturesque coast of a small fishing village in Japan is where this mysterious city is. As the world continues to change, the human race has forgotten the existence of wonder crumbling walls, stone monoliths, and the huge pyramid in this alien city. Some researchers believe that the great city was built by ancient aliens at some point during the Sangamon, which is the latest Quaternary inter glacial period that occurred between 110000-130000 years ago. This mysterious underwater city is said to have existed long before there was even Japanese people or Japanese island itself. He was in the zone, silent and abandoned by what the human eye can see.

Is said to be a city built by aliens and its amazing wonders were discovered by intrepid divers using modern technology. The fantastic imagination and brilliance that their unknown builders have incorporated striking yet divers although it has been resting under water for a long time. Also revealed is something that seems to be a sort of gigantic stairs, steps from the gods and stone blocks, believe it or not, weigh several tons. What more? There is a strange kind of stone head, whose characteristics are very similar to those of an alien.

Gradually, the land fell and the seas rose, leaving the alien city lie on the ocean floor. In fact, speaking Japanese national treasures of this city as their own. The discovery of this city should not be too surprising, since many strange discoveries have been documented already. In fact,Japan is a nation in the Asia and is full of legends, myths and stories of alien visitation.

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