Secrets from a former McDonald’s employee

Sandwich1. Sandwich on bin iron box, which stands behind the tellers, terribly hot stored 20 minutes, but the longer it is stored the less tasty. He often stored for long periods allotted time, because we are blamed for the decommissioned products and instructors quietly changed the timer. So in order not to run into the nekondishn order spetsgril that is, no onions, no lettuce, no cucumber, tomato, etc. The worst of it will not, and you will get a guaranteed svezhak.

2. If you manage to order fries, then take the middle portion, as it breaks as well as a large, the difference. A trifle, but nice, this is called a potato visually completebox

3. Ice cream Horn. Inside most cashiers pour ice cream wafers prohibited. Ie, it is only at the top.

4. If you drop a tray in front of the cashier, you will again give out your order.

5. Be sure to specify the size of shot with potatoes. By default, breaks large potatoes, medium and large coffee cola.

6. Drinks order without ice. Drink and so cold, and the ice will melt and the glass will be more water. It you want?

7. The mysterious visitor. It’s a different story altogether. If you go to the beginning of the month, from about 12 to 14 or from 18 to 21, and any book club sandwich, fries and a soft drink, then you will be served on the premises. Should reject the proposed sauce and dessert.

8. Profitable to bring drinks with them, the glasses can give you at the checkout for free.

9. Meat, vegetables, salad mixes – all present. The only thing that causes concern – it’s the sauces, the composition of which does not know most of the staff.

10. If you show up in a sandwich hair or other foreign object, you are required to immediately exchange it. Do not abuse it.

11. It is not necessary to order cakes. Timers on them too often glue. And so, they are quite tasty.

12. The coffee is really true of grains and delicious. But it is also possible to save. Book regular black coffee with milk topping.

13. Never tell the cashier, you can go faster? ‘. Most of us have heard this phrase begins to move more slowly.

14. The potato was 100% fresh it is stored 5 minutes, then begins to fade, order it without salt. Just who wants to eat unsalted fries?

15. Do not take products with you. It loses its taste and appearance because you already know the shelf life.

16. 99% of employees of trash, wiping trays. Ask to put a second piece of paper on the tray.

17. The kids are bound to give souvenir, you can ask for it at the checkout.

18. Not to hear so annoying you a hint at the box office Pie are you? At the end of the order say, All

19. Check the order on a tray on the check. Sauces, napkins, small tube can not report. Since Cashiers are people too, can forget anything.

20. the most caloric thing in Mac – G20 nuggets and biggest.

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