Scientists use radiation to study psychic

03 Sep

Leos Scientific utilizing radiation Para studies a psittacosis e1353811123941 Leos Scientific utilizing energy Para sturdier a Researchers at the Institute of Psychology in San Pauli, Brazil, have been carrying out some experiments with some Brazilian psychic mediums hoping to explain scientifically what happens in the brain when you go into a trance, and so presumably answer the problem of whether there are people with the ability to exchange a few words with the dead.

 Science and its particular research

According to the official report published on November 16, 2012 entitled Micromanaging during State Trance: A giving to the study of injecting a radioactive tracer in the brain to 10 psychics, mediums least five experts and five experts with considerable experience of 15 to 47 years demonstrated, using Photon Emission Tomography , have observed the activity in the subject’s brain changes when it enters trance. For this experiment, the scientists decided to focus on the process of automatic writing, an ancient form of divination in which messages come from character guides, spirits, etc  through the channeled hand. Scientists say the test results were fascinating, so to tell.

Resulted la investigations a psittacosis e1353811291277 300×222 Los Scientific utilize radiation Pasteurizer a In more experienced mediums, the frontal lobe experienced much less activity than usual. What this indicates, that generally the areas related to creativity, language, movement, and focus is working less, which means that mediums were actually in trance. In less experienced psychics was totally opposite result. Their frontal lobes showed really trying to connect with great, but did not reach a full trance state nor concentration. But for scientists, the most interesting part of their particular research was the reaction of the more experienced mediums whose frontal lobe scored a level much higher than inexperienced psychics. really the use of radiation in order to discredit the chandlers, is another example of the unreliability in certain fields by science.

 Dissociation, what he really thinks science of medium

 Dissociation is generally defined as the lack of normal integration of thoughts, feelings and experiences in consciousness and memory. The idea that traumatic experiences cause dismissive symptoms is a recurring theme in the clinical literature and micromanaging, in adding together to some of the cognitive phenomena associated with dissociation appears to be dependent on the emotional context or attention. Although dissociation is very common in the general population, dissociate experiences are mostly studied as a risk factor for dis socialize pathology. Spirituality and religiosity have proven to be highly prevalent in patients with schizophrenia and detach symptoms.

 In many cases, scientists use their terminology to portray what they know. In recent times, science have become a religion, where his millions of fans proclaim without thinking that told by science is the only a lot of controversy within the holy science, which many scientists have questioned their own dreams of their peers.

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