Red mist 1964

30 Sep

mistInformation about the strange phenomenon that can be observed one evening in May 1964 over the lake , was kept in the secret archives of the Soviet secret police for decades. And the people who happened to be his witnesses , it was only recently able to talk about it. ┬áduty shift anti-aircraft missile battalion , which was located about 30 kilometers west , the evening May 17, 1964 did not promise anything wrong. But at 21 am local time on one of the crews of anti-missile battalion command post informed of the impending crimson glow over Lake Baikal. Next message sent in ten minutes , give notice that on the eastern shore of the lake is visible burning taiga . By this time, the personnel of the division of all the complexes could watch purple , shine glare matte veil takes more sites evening sky , quickly moving to the east. At 21:20 on the radio there was a major disturbance , and soon the connection is made possible only with the use of a conventional wire .Horizon for the north- western tip of Lake Baikal slowly floated a ball of fire the size resembled the midday sun. It seemed that the ball is alive – he is constantly throbbing , subtly changing its color from bright red to dark purple .

About 22 hours a bloody mist , the cause of which , most likely , there was this strange ball, turned into a pretty intense flashes of fire that swept the sky .Remembered that almost immediately had a sudden feeling of depression and fear. Many have begun joint pain, stomach and head.

Some were caught diarrhea . Against the windows tightly closed windows of cabins began to dance fiery clumps resembling flames . Fog lifted to half-past three in the morning, after the ball had gone over the horizon to the east. At the same time all felt. Military incident saw dozens of residents of settlements, which were located on the shores of Lake Baikal. One of the residents of the village of Big Cats said that even two hours before the mysterious fog domestic animals walking around the yard, hid in a barn , and the dog fell off the chain , ran into the house and hid in the corner between the cabinet and sofa.

A resident of Buguldeika , recalled that after the red glow in their house burned wiring, and stopped working radio.V today there was a whole series of rather original hypotheses. In particular , the staff of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences believe that the fiery haze is the result of powerful geomagnetic emissions from the bowels of the planet, which arise as a result of movements of the tectonic plates .

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