Presidential Airbus cost $ 65 million 11 years ago

29 Sep

Venezuela’s presidential plane, an Airbus A319CJ, is located in the center of a controversy after the president Nicolas Madeira denounced the company who performed service left a flaw in one of the wings of the aircraft. Explained that this problem was found after he was delivered by Airbus, point denied by the company, five months after major maintenance. This circumstance led the President to use a Cuban Aviation to meet his recent visit to China.

 The aircraft was acquired by the French company Venezuela in 2002 at the request of then-President Hugo Chavez, because of the deterioration and the costs of the Boeing 373 that at that time had about 20 years of use. Chavez himself in the Alto Presidents! No. 101, from 07 in April 2002, one in which fired the managers of Pet oleo DE Venezuela, said the plane had cost $ 65 million, including maintenance for five years, staff training, spare parts and others.

The main argument of the late president was that the Boeing-made, was proving very costly and explained that each hour of flight in the “sly” as christened this ship, cost $ 2,600, while the Airbus cost, to that date, $ 1700.A modern jet aircraft already thinking about a twenty-first century, an aircraft and twenty-first century, a plane for the next 20 years, when I delivered in 2013 will deliver the plane, and in perfect condition the next or next chairperson of Venezuela, “Chavez said in arguing the need for a new aircraft.

Chavez spoke of the plane that was already in the country since March and in May 2002, after passing the coup that briefly removed from power, took off to Europe for the first time in the new building. Unlike Boeing need not stop, as the Airbus has increased flight range.Three years later, the plane failure occurred while President Chavez in France. There he stayed for review after filing a fuel leak and the president returned to the country on a Cubans apparatus.

In December 2006, the presidential plane was escorted by the first two Sorghum 30 that were purchased from Russia, making their flight arrival.The aircraft has a capacity for 37 people, as opposed to the 28 that fit missions, sometimes I ask entrepreneurs and journalists to join me and have to go on another plane, they have to take a flight, make a scale not know where, now have easier travel together, said Chavez in the Aloe President! Best remembered for the sound of the whistle that Airbus details.

 The team is Air Force One Presidential Air Group No. 4, composed of 140 people, including pilots, flight engineers, mechanics, and safety aboard Auxiliary as Edgar Cruz commented Cartage, in 2008, when he commanded that instance.The Airbus was also the plane that took off for the last time Chavez of Venezuela towardCubaonDecember 10, 2012. From that day they saw only on television. Neither the Airbus, not Chavez

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