Only the deaf can not hear the war drums

Israel warHenry Kissinger – Former Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor to the U.S., one of the most important representatives of the higher of the American elite, but also the co-chairman of the Russian-American group of Elders. More recently, in spite of his advanced age in May 2013 he was 90 years old, he headed the list of the top 100 intellectuals in the world. Some time ago, Henry Kissinger shared his views on the situation in the world and in particular in the Middle East. The conversation evolved so openly and wondering what Kissinger aides broke and interrupted the conversation. The United States,China and Russia are lured, and the final nail in the coffin will beIran, which is, of course, is the main goal of Israel.

We have allowed China to increase military strength and Russia- to recover from Sovietization, to give them a false sense of prowess as a whole, it will accelerate their collapse. We are like a sniper, inciting a beginner choose a weapon, and when he’s just trying to do something, get a bang-bang. The coming war will be so severe that the victory will only superpower, and that we, guys. That is why the EU is in such a hurry to transform itself into a full superstate because they know what is coming, and to survive, Europe will become a single cohesive state – said the former U.S. secretary of state.

Who controls the oil, controls the state, and who controls the food, controls the people, Mr Kissinger then added-If you are a normal person, you can prepare for the war, he moved to the countryside and building a farm, but do not forget to bring a weapon, For everywhere are hungry crowd. In addition, although the elite and will be their refuge during the war, they should be careful, because their shelters can become the target of attacks. ” After a pause and a few minutes to collect his thoughts, Mr Kissinger went on: “We told the military that We have to capture seven Middle Eastern countries and seize their resources, and they had almost completed the task … It remains only the last step, Iran – it will completely change the balance. How long can China and Russia stand by and watch to see how America conducts sweep? We shake and menacing Russian bear and Chinese sickle and hammer, and it was then a case should be to enter Israel. He will have to fight with all their might to destroy as many of the Arabs. If all goes well, half the Middle East will be Israeli. During the past decade, our youth we are well coached on special computer games. It was interesting to see the new game «Call of Duty Modern Warfare – 3”. It is – in fact, it is a prognostic programming – fully reflects what happens in the near future. 

Our young person in the United States and the West is ready because they have programmed to be good soldiers. And when they are ordered to fight with nuts kitaezy and Russian, they obey orders. … We will build a new society, a new world order, there will be only one superpower, and it will be a world government-winner. Do not forget, the United States has the best weapon we have these things that are no longer of any one state, and we will show the world with this weapon when the time comes. ” It was at this point in the interview was suddenly interrupted. Kissinger aide hurried out the door to show the door of the journalist. marasmus or minute revelation? dotage? Do not tell. This sudden frankness broke Kissinger at the end of 2011, a few months later, in Moscow,March 4, 2012, he had already met with Vladimir Putin. The conversation lasted a few hours. But that just recently told about a dinosaur of American politics Yevgeny Primakov – Russian-American co-chair of the “Elders” from Russia, I am his (Kissinger) is considered an outstanding politician. Maybe these were just a few, especially in the twentieth century … First of all, it seems to me that all the time he comes out of a real situation. ” So, forget about the insanity. It is not a secret that the ultimate American elite is preparing for war, and to the all-out war, which will result in a sharp reduction in world population, perhaps by several billion.

U.S. Supreme establishment sufficiently uniform in respect of the approaching war, where a special role to play gun sixth technological order. sharp contradictions persist over whether, when, and where should I start this war. A very influential group of American elites – the military-intelligence community – comes from the fact that the United States needs another 5-7 years to be better prepared for the decisive clash. The other part, which looks and expresses Kissinger believes that, first,America for such a war is ready – both economically and ideologically, and technologically. And, secondly, the best base for the start of a major war has become that the Greater Middle East. Contradictions within the American elite are shown, including on a personal level. The main ideologist and strategist interests of the military-intelligence community was and is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who also already 85 years old. So, Brzezinski and Kissinger, to put it mildly, it is not each other. For example, Kissinger said with great sympathy for Israel and its inevitable war with Iran.

Once again I remind you that this is all happening at the end of 2011. But a few months earlier in an interview with the Daily Beast said Israelis trying to draw the U.S.into a war with Iran. Then he sensationally claimed that if the Israeli bombers still be directed to targets in Iran, perhaps our (American) fighters in Iraq will have to go up in the air to intercept them.” Thus, Kissinger not only meets the tough Zbig, but clearly encourages belligerent Netanyahu government. Victorious total war? Kissinger refers to as self-evident alliance of Russia and China, is contrasted with the global ambitions of the United States. And here it is necessary to pay attention to the following. During the last ten to fifteen years, Kissinger himself has spent a lot of effort is the fact that this Russian-Chinese alliance failed. In contacts with Putin, he talked about China’s growing power, which sometimes leads into a stupor even the Pentagon.” While talking with the Chinese comrades Kissinger subtly in diplomatically hinted at Russian unreliability. In autumn 2011, GDP has announced that he will run for president. And after that first visit he made it toChina. It was during this trip, despite the objectively existing Russian-Chinese differences, actually laid the foundations of a real military-political alliance between Moscow and Beijing. 

The main reason was the fact that when faced with a dash of U.S.military-strategic sphere, the Russian and Chinese leaders have felt more directly than a serious existential threat to their country. Kissinger speaks of seven states in the Middle East, whose resources have to control the United States and the West. Apparently, this is Saudi Arabia,Kuwait, the UAE,Iraq,Libya,Syria, and Iran. mention of seven states can do much to explain the strange and in some cases even the overthrow of the exponential-ritual killing of Gaddafi that autumn of 2011. in mid-February 2011, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who was due to leave in a few months to resign, speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the following: “If a new U.S. defense orders to send U.S. troops into a Muslim country, then this Minister should be immediately sent for psychiatric examination. ” And suddenly, just two weeks Washington has given the nod to direct military intervention in Libya. 

Special discrepancy is that Gaddafi, after the September 11, 2001, the turned into such a close ally of Western countries that the Libyan secret service actually became a junior partner of the U.S.intelligence, the United Kingdom and France. Why then have to clean up the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi? (By the way, three years before his death, Gaddafi directly and publicly said the Americans would be killed.) Kissinger responds very uncomplicated to this question: Is there a strategic plan, and whether or not the words or conduct of Gates Gaddafi he should be executed. Same goes for Syria. On the one hand, forceful destruction of the Syrian state will inevitably lead to a drastic and permanent destabilization of the wider Middle East. And it is unlikely to please the U.S.military.

But from the point of view of that part of the American establishment, which expresses the views of Kissinger, is that destabilization in the long run, and may lead the a victorious total war. Kissinger vs Snowden It’s small and quaint Kissinger interview sheds additional light on the hysterical reaction from Washington to escape Snowden. First, the act Snowden has caused new and aggravation of confrontation within the top of the American establishment, up to a state of who wins?. Secondly, escape Snowden has sharply increased political and strategic uncertainty for the top of the American establishment. After all, the NSA should be an important component of a systematic mechanism of all-out war for the glory of the United States. And because Americans are still unaware that took away a Snowden, then suddenly the whole, it would seem, carefully crafted military strategy up in the air.

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