NASA evaluates four possible places to land on Mars in 2016

NASA MarsNASA announced that for the next mission to Mars, scheduled for 2016, there are four possible landing sites, for a total of 22 possible candidates.

Insight probe break in March 2016 and six months to reach Mars territory, in order to investigate the formation processes of Mars, and try to understand the evolution of the rocky planets of our solar system, including Earth.

The four pre-selected points are located very close together on a plain of Ecuador on the planet called Elysium Planitia.

Matt Golombek of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, said the locations were chosen because they seem to be the safest of all analyzed, noting that the ground is white, with few stones and very little slope.

The work now is that the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter cameras focus in these places chosen for further information that may help select the best.

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