NASA announces a delay in meeting the Cygnus capsule and the Space Station

The meeting in space between the capsule Cygnus private company Orbital Science, and the International Space Station to be delayed for two days due to some technical problems before they begin the approach military exercises, said today’s space¬†agency U. S.

NASA said in a statement this morning that there was a problem with the data received from this probe developed with private capital in the first connection performed with the ISS. That forced a break in the sequence alignment, said the agency.

The company Orbital Science, based in the state of Virginia, has located the problem and is developing a patch to fix the software glitch, something that will force a delay in the mission of about 48 hours due to mechanical the orbital approach path.

The Cygnus space freighter departed on September 18 in Virginia and was scheduled to dock at the ISS with the help of the station’s robotic arm Sunday.

Orbital Science, which last April successfully tested its first rocket and tares, is played a lot with this test mission and has a contract of 1,900 million with the agency eight other missions to transport supplies to the ISS.

So far, the Californian company Space is the only private company that has successfully completed a mission freight to and from the

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