Moon – alien spaceship ?

30 Sep

Moon alien spaceshipSome scientists do not rule out the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on the moon . When American astronauts visited the earth satellite , of course they did not find the lunar inhabitants – people of that time and did not expect to see them. However, after the famous steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon our night light start to think Earthlings one mystery after another …

It is hard to say how our planet looked like in those ancient times , when the ” spaceship ” called ” Moon ” was in Earth orbit, which catastrophic disasters accompanied this event?

Whence came our night light , by whom and for what purpose it was created , why ” approached ” it is for our planet ? Do not stay outside of the hypothesis and the question of the existence of today’s ” Crew ” or the population inside the moon . Or is it reasonable occupants have become extinct over the past billions of years? And maybe, in the “space tomb ” and now operate machines, running his hands ancestors wandering star ? In July 1969 , before the first astronaut Neil Armstrong on the moon fell on her face was flushed the used fuel containers unmanned ships that carried out reconnaissance flights . Then there was left and the seismograph . Soon this instrument began airing in Houston about fluctuations of the lunar crust .

The data transmitted to Earth , surprised scientists. It was found that the impact of the 12- ton cargo on the surface of our satellite caused local ” moonquake .” Many astrophysicists have assumed that under the rocky surface is a metal shell surrounding the core of the moon. Analyzing the velocity of seismic waves in this supposedly metal shell, the scientists calculated that the top boundary is located at a depth of about 70 kilometers, and the shell itself is approximately the same thickness. One of astrophysicists claimed that inside the moon can be a huge , nearly empty space volume of 73.5 million cubic kilometers, designed for machines that serve the movement and space superkorablya repair , devices for external observation , construction, armor plating provides a connection to the internal spaces.

It is possible that up to 80 percent of the mass of the moon which is in its depths , and there is a ” payload ” of the ship . Speculation about its content and purpose beyond reasonable assumptions . In the late 70’s by the same seismograph was made a computer analysis of the metal of which was to consist shell surrounding the core of the moon. Measuring the velocity of sound propagation within the substance , experts have concluded that it is composed of nickel , beryllium , tungsten, vanadium and certain other elements . Moreover contain relatively little iron . Such a composition would be perfect shell that protects against mechanical holes, and also completely corrosion resistant . And only this analysis shows that it is impossible that such a shell formed by natural means !

Seismographs recorded and repeated every 30 minutes and lasting one minute constant high frequency signal coming from the inside of the moon from a depth of about 960 kilometers. Maybe it’s some kind of automatic device , powered heat or other energy , once programmed on what to send its signal to eternity ? Astronomers have observed and occasionally appearing on the lunar surface trickle of some gas that immediately dissipates. One hypothesis suggests that this effect is still in power source of a hypothetical spacecraft , which we call the “Moon” , deliberately damaged and deprived inhabitants during this “star wars ” unimaginably distant past.

The lunar surface is very similar to the territory subjected to ” carpet ” bombing . Statistically impossible that meteorites of the same size and weight stamped on the surface of the moon craters located correctly . And a lot of them on the moon … Perhaps it was then, when the moon was not a satellite of the Earth ? In the most ancient writings of Chinese astronomers, dated X-XI centuries BC , there is a description of the sky , but there is no mention of the presence of the moon in the sky . Perhaps then it is not already there ? It is very possible . It turns out that on any ancient map of the sky (10-11 thousand years ago ), the Moon is not marked. Combining this fact with the myth of the Flood (which in one form or another, is present in all religions of ancient civilizations ), we can assume that it is the appearance of the moon on the earth’s orbit has given rise to these disasters.

By this hypothesis, lean many modern astrophysics, based on the results of his research and calculations. Only later , after the appearance of the moon on the earth’s horizon , many people have stories about the ” people “, ” gods ” and ” beings ” , arrives on Earth with a new star. There are drawings of the ancient Maya , the image of the gods coming down from the moon. There Caucasian myths about the arrival of “iron beings ” from the moon. Thus, it can be argued that the Moon came to us from outer space. But is it the usual small satellite or something completely different? In the 70 years of the last century, the famous Soviet astrophysicist Shklovsky of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR expressed the opinion that the moon may be dead , lifeless ship alien civilization , impenetrable space probe . In 1968, the publishing house of the National Agency for the United States Space Administration (NASA ) issued a catalog of lunar anomalies.

The catalog covers four centuries of observation ! There are 579 examples have not found an explanation so far: moving luminous objects , geometric shapes , endangered craters , colored trench lengthening at a rate of six kilometers per hour , the appearance and disappearance of some ” walls ” , a giant dome , which change their color finally , observed November 26, 1956 a large luminous object known as ” Maltese Cross ” , etc. Even earlier, in 1940 , on the near side of the Moon, on the Sea of Tranquility and other areas of the planet, were observed glowing dots moving at a speed of 2 to 7 kilometers per second. Famous Russian radio astronomer Alex Arkhipov expressed in the pages of British magazine Elying Sauce Peview (N2, 1995), an opinion that the moon can be a station of “alien ” watching life on Earth. Luna is more concerned with humanity .

U.S. lunar program – ” Rangers “, ” Serveytory “, ” Orbiter “, ” Apollos ” made more than 150,000 photographs depicting the mysterious objects and structures of extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon. NASA currently closed on this information. Other scientists have studied and are studying the moon in their interests, but a unified picture – generalization yet. The various optical phenomena and moving on the moon repeatedly recorded . Maybe the moon has lived and worked several alien races ?

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