Hunter saved his life by shooting Chupacabra

19 Sep

Shooting Chupacabra County resident Leaked,Mississippi, said that he shot the legendary creature – Chupacabra and thus confirmed that it is quite real, and not a myth, experts believe. Hunter Matthew Harrell encountered a strange creature in the inspection of the chicken coop. Shortly before this incident my neighbor told me that a creature has killed three of his chickens. So I decided to check my chicken coop, believing that birds strangled raccoon.

However, when I saw a red glow in the dark eyes, he immediately changed his mind – it was clearly not the beast which I expected to see,- admitted 28-year-old Matthew correspondent of the site Clarion Ledger. Matthew Harrell According to Harrell, he had to kill the animal, as it not only is not frightened of human presence, but also tried to attack the host of the chicken coop. He just turned in my direction – an animal like a cat jumped down – says Matthew. – While I was standing still, this creature was coming to me. I could clearly see his teeth and red eyes. When the beast crouched to spring, I did not give him chance to attack me – to save the life I had to kill an aggressive animal. Shot and killed a strange creature, a 28-year-old American approached the corpse, to inspect it. Sight presented itself hunter animal’s body, almost furry, with long claws on the feet. It was different from all the beasts that we have seen in our district – says Harrell.

My dog is scared even the dead body of the creature. In an effort to hear the views of others, Matthew took his trophy to his neighbor. Wayne Thompson When he saw the corpse of an animal, I called the guy who lost his chickens, and he said he saw it in his barn two or three times. He also noticed that the creature looks quite funny, because its front end lowers than the back, – Leaked County resident Wayne Thompson Wayne Thompson. After the demonstration, bald creature other neighbors hunter was convinced that he had shot a real Chupacabra – a creature that allegedly killing animals and then sucks their blood. However, local officials from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Department of Wildlife and Fisheries identified the corpse as a coyote, who suffered from scabies.

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