How to survive the apocalypse

28 Sep

survive apocalypseThe very first issue that will confront the man who saw the established city like a house of cards, with burning plants and storage facilities is a shock from the loss of all that has been accumulated over the past years. The idea that all changed in a matter of minutes that the old world has fallen and never will come back, will hang over each like the sword of Damocles. Not everyone can handle it. There will be crazy, sometimes friendly, sometimes annoying, and sometimes very dangerous. Mass will have looted the destroyed shops. Since the disaster life will freeze, but will not stop. In principle, the best part of life, it herself. We’ll have to build a new life, something similar, and something that is not similar to the modern one.

A year later, fragmented and small, single and groups of survivors will come together. Around the surviving villages around the tent cities. Begin to build houses, uprooted timber, break ground. That is, moves to a new way of life. In fact, you can trace three significant fracture behaviors during that affect the rest of their lives. The first – the moment of the disaster, the second – the first year after her third – the settling of the earth.   The first thing you need to do is to survive the disaster. Survive the first hours and days. The loss rate of the population in an earthquake in 12 points to reach the cities, especially large 85 … 95% depending on the time of day. This means that the city and the neighborhood empty. But life in the countryside and even change much, but the death toll is much lower. It is important to get out of town at the first sign of her. Smart, quick-witted and Premonition will be quite a lot.

If you do not have a car, you do not go out on major routes, it would cause suspicion. It is better to go along the railways; there is always a road along the line and forest shelter belt. Or just a suburb, not equipped with a road. Then run into the police station, with its approach – will delay, and there’s see less chance. The men in troubled times leaving the city with a backpack, and even more simply in everyday clothes are always suspicious. Cyclists are suspect a lot less. If you can, just sit down in any suburban bus going around in the desired direction. Wait a – like death. Block city – a difficult task, but doable. Even by the police, without the involvement of the army. Do not forget to inform relatives and friends before the link will be broken. We’ll have to find a place where you can sit out the most terrible hours. When will rage hurricanes and earthquakes. Over time, the weather calms down, the earth stops shaking, I do not woken up in the vicinity of volcanoes, of course. State power is not going to disappear one day.

Measures will be taken to evacuate people from disaster zones. Organized tent camps and field hospitals. The alarm will be mobilized remnants of the army and navy. It is very important to survive the first year, with its disasters, constant fury of weather and atmosphere. With constant frightening news. Probably should divide the property for the nomadic life and settled, but it is worth remembering everything about the nomadic necessarily applies to settled. Need to make a small digression. It is very likely that leave the city at the first sign of disaster will have a huge hurry. Literally in a suit and shoes. Or in overalls and welding boots. Or is not yet known what, in your work clothes. With the match in the pockets of cigarettes completely useless wallet, cell phone and keys to the apartment of a past life. Having a way to withdraw from the city, not far from the border arrange a cache which are things that are vital in the initial step of the way, well, then that will come in handy for a nomadic life, for example. As a container, you can use a plastic canister with a very wide neck.

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