How many colors are in a rainbow?

colors rainbowThey say they see a rainbow is good luck and if you reach the bottom you will find a pot of gold, but seriously, a rainbow is produced when light passes through water droplets in the atmosphere and credit  light spectrum is formed in an arc. still, there are a number of enthralling facts not know for sure, so we bring you 7 of the rainbow unknown data that we return to The huff ton Post.

 1. They are on the odd occasion seen atnoon: The rainbows be more common in the mornings or evenings, why? It turns out that this phenomenon is formed; sunlight must reach a drop of rain in 42 degrees. If the Sun is at the zenith is doubtful that this angle range, according to the website of the general Oceanic and moody Administration

 2. May occur at night: These are called moon bows moon arch since light rays come from reflection of the moon instead of the sun.

 3 Two people can not see the same rainbow. According to Live Science, each person observe from a completely different angle, the light bounced off of certain raindrops the rainbow you see is unlike from the light that bounces off watching other people, simply because two subjects can not be in the equivalent place, occupying the same space, at exactly the same time to see it.

There is no end of the rainbow: As the Moon, rainbows seem to move when we move because light does the  form a specific angle and distance from the observer, so with the intention of this distance is always the same between the rainbow and we much we want to approach, writes Jacqueline Howard at Huffing ton Post. You can see all the colors. Belief says that rainbows are formed by violet is false, but really a is made up of more than 1 million colors, with colors that the human eye can not perceive.

 There are double, triple and quadruple rainbows: Over a rainbow can be seen simultaneously thanks to the way the light bounces inside a drop of water, according to National Geographic. When light bounces twice inside the water droplets produces a double rainbow, and when light bounces thrice triple phenomena occur, and if this happens four times we see quadruple rainbow. Can it diaper’s Not enchantment; just you put some fail to observe polarized lenses. The reason? These glasses are coated with a layer of molecules aligned vertically, and the light reflecting water travels straight.

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