Dinosaurs became extinct 40,000 years ago not millions

05 Sep

The investigate team has found the cause of the mysterious presence in the fossilized leftovers of dinosaurs – the soft tissue and collagen, all of which should not be there, according to the scientists that the dinosaurs died out millions of years ago. The answer was very simple – the bone is much younger than previously thought.

Collagen – the fibrous protein that forms the basis of connective tissue and ensuring its strength and elasticity.

The dating of bone samples 8 dinosaurs found in Texas,Alaska,Colorado, and Montana, conducted on carbon-14 (C-14) indicated that they were killed in the period from 22,000 to 39,000 years ago.

┬áNo need to be a great scientist, that would be aware that the presence of soft tissue in dinosaur bone, indicating that the common version of the life and death of the dinosaurs, but rather when it will happen – is wrong.

Back in 2009, the team of Dr. Phil Vilbi discovered the fossilized remains of the squid, which contained a bag of ink so well preserved that the ink from the petrified squid can be used for writing.

In 2011, Swedish scientists discovered soft tissue and bone biomolecules other being the time of the dinosaurs, Mosasaur, a giant lizard that was swimming in the shallow waters of the ocean. As these tissues could be preserved if the official version of this kind of lizards became extinct 65 million years ago.

It should be noted that these do not fit into the official picture of the findings, make professional archaeologists and scholars, but their attempts to tell the truth – severely suppressed by the scientific community.

For example, scientists have read the report about his abnormal findings at a conference in Singapore, but the report has been removed from the website of the conference at the command of the conference chairman, because he could not agree with the findings and the evidence presented in the study.

Picture of the world and the earth’s history embedded in the head of humanity, it may be fake, but this fake aggressively protected and carefully protected from any attempts to discover the truth to people…

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