Are thousands of human remains from the Iron Age in Britain?

11 Sep

A chilling discovery took place in Somerset, a beautiful, historic place southwest of England. Thousands of corpses dating back nearly 2,000 years before Christ, shocked to expert. Chop bodies with signs of skin ripped from their bones, is thus found by archaeologists excavating the area, on the hill of Ham knoll. 

By Dr Marcus Britain, an archaeologist at Cambridge, and who has led this important dig, the results of the findings gritty that it was a terrible slaughter of the Iron Age Britain.However, what if it is not clear yet is that if it were the Romans who these people to keep order in the Indian tribes, or whether it was part of a cult of violence stuck between the British Iron Age. Excavation work in the broad area equivalent to 123 football pitches, is bordered by walls and a fortress, which will be open to the public only in this September 7, according to local broadsheet.

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