Red mist 1964

mistInformation about the strange phenomenon that can be observed one evening in May 1964 over the lake , was kept in the secret archives of the Soviet secret police for decades. And the people who happened to be his witnesses , it was only recently able to talk about it.  duty shift anti-aircraft missile battalion , which was located about 30 kilometers west , the evening May 17, 1964 did not promise anything wrong. But at 21 am local time on one of the crews of anti-missile battalion command post informed of the impending crimson glow over Lake Baikal. Continue reading “Red mist 1964”

Moon – alien spaceship ?

Moon alien spaceshipSome scientists do not rule out the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on the moon . When American astronauts visited the earth satellite , of course they did not find the lunar inhabitants – people of that time and did not expect to see them. However, after the famous steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon our night light start to think Earthlings one mystery after another …

It is hard to say how our planet looked like in those ancient times , when the ” spaceship ” called ” Moon ” was in Earth orbit, which catastrophic disasters accompanied this event? Continue reading “Moon – alien spaceship ?”

Presidential Airbus cost $ 65 million 11 years ago

Venezuela’s presidential plane, an Airbus A319CJ, is located in the center of a controversy after the president Nicolas Madeira denounced the company who performed service left a flaw in one of the wings of the aircraft. Explained that this problem was found after he was delivered by Airbus, point denied by the company, five months after major maintenance. This circumstance led the President to use a Cuban Aviation to meet his recent visit to China. Continue reading “Presidential Airbus cost $ 65 million 11 years ago”

The Country of Spain USAreduced percentage of their economic participation in the OAS

The U.S. Congress this week approved a bill that seeks to reform the Organization of American States which shows the increasing detachment of this country by an institution that criticizes its growing inefficiency and financial paralysis. The new standard, which only requires the signature of the President Barrack Be-ma to be effective and has been promoted by the influential Senators Bob Mendez and Marco Rubin provides a reduction in the percentage of U.S.annual dues to Regular Fund of the OAS, as well as the reduction and prioritization of commands assumes the organization. Continue reading “The Country of Spain USAreduced percentage of their economic participation in the OAS”

Only the deaf can not hear the war drums

Israel warHenry Kissinger – Former Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor to the U.S., one of the most important representatives of the higher of the American elite, but also the co-chairman of the Russian-American group of Elders. More recently, in spite of his advanced age in May 2013 he was 90 years old, he headed the list of the top 100 intellectuals in the world. Some time ago, Henry Kissinger shared his views on the situation in the world and in particular in the Middle East. The conversation evolved so openly and wondering what Kissinger aides broke and interrupted the conversation. The United States,China and Russia are lured, and the final nail in the coffin will beIran, which is, of course, is the main goal of Israel. Continue reading “Only the deaf can not hear the war drums”

How to survive the apocalypse

survive apocalypseThe very first issue that will confront the man who saw the established city like a house of cards, with burning plants and storage facilities is a shock from the loss of all that has been accumulated over the past years. The idea that all changed in a matter of minutes that the old world has fallen and never will come back, will hang over each like the sword of Damocles. Not everyone can handle it. There will be crazy, sometimes friendly, sometimes annoying, and sometimes very dangerous. Mass will have looted the destroyed shops. Since the disaster life will freeze, but will not stop. In principle, the best part of life, it herself. We’ll have to build a new life, something similar, and something that is not similar to the modern one. Continue reading “How to survive the apocalypse”

Apparatus studying Mars take a look at the comet of the century

MarsOver the next year, near the Red Planet will fly two comets. The news itself is neither good nor bad. But it has raised fears of scientists who fear that the particles of cosmic wanderers can damage satellites of Mars involved in surveillance for and study of its surface. Currently, the orbit of the Red Planet is three operating spacecraft-NASA Odyssey mission and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), as well as the European Mars Express. Also, two existing rover currently exploring Mars surface itself- it’s Curiosity and Opportunity. All of these spacecraft will be able to observe the comet ISON, which is closer to Mars this year, and behind her, and C/2013 A1 in 2014.

Continue reading “Apparatus studying Mars take a look at the comet of the century”

Secrets from a former McDonald’s employee

Sandwich1. Sandwich on bin iron box, which stands behind the tellers, terribly hot stored 20 minutes, but the longer it is stored the less tasty. He often stored for long periods allotted time, because we are blamed for the decommissioned products and instructors quietly changed the timer. So in order not to run into the nekondishn order spetsgril that is, no onions, no lettuce, no cucumber, tomato, etc. The worst of it will not, and you will get a guaranteed svezhak.

2. If you manage to order fries, then take the middle portion, as it breaks as well as a large, the difference. A trifle, but nice, this is called a potato visually completebox Continue reading “Secrets from a former McDonald’s employee”

The Most Fascinating Stories of a Lifetime

LifetimeSomewhat different from the rest. It tells a story, a story about and from people. It’s their story. Their moments of joy and wander all shared with us. I hope it inspires you to do whatever is necessary to get where you want to be. Make sure you do it the right way with keeping your integrity in mind. The world has changed into a cynical place during the last decade but still its beauty is beyond imagination.

Let’s make the best of it. Read and be inspired by these fascinating personal stories. Continue reading “The Most Fascinating Stories of a Lifetime”

Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe

Paul CraigThe news maker of the week was the Fed that shocked financial markets with the announcement that there would be phased out. What do you think? For the Fed situation is as follows. All markets, as well as the big banks and their ability to pay are entirely dependent on the Fed’s purchase of bonds. If they will not buy bonds, rates rise, the value of debt instruments will fall, banks will go bankrupt again, the bond market and stock collapse. So they can not turn easing, because the whole system is tied to it. Another aspect of the trap into which they fell, is that the longer they will keep easing, the faster the time will come when the rest of the world will just lose all confidence in the dollar. Continue reading “Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe”