UFO Destroyer

UFOThe mysterious object over Ireland was so striking thing about it is even reported the U.S. newspaper Atlanta Constitution.

An unusual phenomenon that was observed several people in the county of Donegal in the north of Ireland, all very worried.  Fishermen saw a giant object like a blimp, taking off directly from the ocean.  He flew over the land, and went back into the water.  Several fishing boats caught in its path, were defeated.  In a dam formed a deep pothole.  All crops were under the flight path, were killed.Some superstitious people found the incident in any way connected with the death of the King of Great Britain and Ireland (May 6).  Another theory is that it was spun off from the dirigible balloon or even a meteorite.  The event caused great consternation among the fishermen.

A few days later, the UFO appeared in America – the city Dunkirk (NY).  Dunkirk Evening Observer newspaper of June 8, put a small note.

According to several young lady last night over Dunkirk flying airship.  They walked around 21.20 and saw a black object in the sky, moving to the west over Lake Erie.  Lady also heard a buzzing sound, like the sound of propellers.  Since they did not use anything stronger than a cream soda, you can believe it – their eyes nothing is affected.  The black object remained visible for five minutes.

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