Travel through time items and people

Travel TimeThe mayor of the Norwegian town of Otta Johan Nygarda package sealed with wax, and fined to open it in a hundred years. Eighty years envelope was kept at the post office in Oslo, twenty Brandenburg exhibited in the museum. When it finally opened, it was found that the content is proof of the possibility of time travel! Opening the package was in a festive atmosphere; a large gathering of people attended and broadcast journalists with cameras. However, initially disappointed with the contents- Inside were some old documents of the municipal government, is of no value, and the Norwegian flag. ¬†Among the papers were and two newspapers in 1914. It looks like the mayor opened the envelope yet two years later, to put them in there. But why? Meanwhile, experts have determined that the package since 1912 have never tampered with and access to the mail store in Oslo Nygard had not. Then where did the newspaper? One could assume anything Nygard traveled to the future, in 1914, and brought back with a newspaper, or they somehow got into his hands. He decided not to tell any of his contemporaries, and so that’s an extraordinary way to tell the anomalous fact distant descendants … Such a case is not an isolated case. The family Louisville,USA is stored received in the mid-50s greeting card with views of the German city of Frankfurt. Rita Harsfeld got it once from his grandfather, who died in 1959. But the fact is that the card itself is released in 1983, and it has buildings that are in the 50s were not built … A certain resident Chardjou says even more amazing story. As a child, it did not take long for some reason the Pioneers. The boy wanted to read the newspaper Pioneer truth, but it was allowed to write to members of the Pioneer organization. One summer night, our hero went to sleep in the yard. I could not sleep, and the student began to pray to God to believe that his grandmother had taught, God, help me to become a pioneer and read the Pioneer truth All of a sudden whirlwind of dust rose. Then the boy saw a circling in the air newspaper. He grabbed her, and the wind immediately verse. It turned out that this is – Pioneer truth. The next morning the boy began to read it and, to his surprise, found that the publication of a newspaper dated … the next year. And not understanding where it came from Pioneer truth, he decided that it is a newspaper neighbor’s girl. But the neighbors are all denied. The following year, the boy was still in the Pioneers, and he wrote Pioneer truth. And one day got exactly the same issue of the paper, like the one that brought him a year ago breeze. It turns out that newspaper, and indeed come to him from the future to the ancient stone rocks have repeatedly found objects man-made, of course, being the product of an advanced civilization. For example, in 1844 in Mill field, UK found rusted steel nail, completely buried in the hard sandstone. In 1851, the California prospector Hiram Witt found a little touched with rust nail in a piece of gold-bearing quartz. In June of the same year in Dorchester among the debris of stones, cleaved from the rock explosion, found half a metal container made of an unknown alloy. In early December 1952 from a coal seam near Glasgowl earned tool of unknown purpose. In 1891, a resident of the town Morisonvill, splitting a piece of coal, prepared for firewood, saw a gold chain length of about 25 centimeters. A Cheleken Peninsula in Turkmenistan have found fossilized thermometer … A few years ago, members of the expedition Center MAI-Kosmopoisk engaged in the search for fragments of the meteorite in the Kaluga region, came across a suspicious piece of stone. On cleavage was visible Boltik length of about a centimeter to the nut on the end. Obviously, he has fallen into the rock, when she was soft clay. Meanwhile, geologists said that the stone is not less than 300 million years old … At the end of the last century the cemetery was moved in the French city of Marseille. On opening one of the graves of the eighteenth century, found a skeleton with a metal prosthesis in the hip part. Later it turned out that these implants have appeared only in the late 1970s. Mexico’s skull was found that are at least a hundred years. In the mouth, the skull was present false tooth with metal-ceramic. The study showed that the tooth was made using materials and tools the end of XX century. According to parapsychologists, such overlays are associated with the movement of people’s time and inanimate objects. But here is the mechanism of these movements is not yet clear.

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