Found evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis in Brazil

17 Aug

They have found evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis in Brazil

Brazilian geologists said Monday the amazing discovery of what could be part of a lost continent submerged in the Ocean Formed Atlantic bet ween Africa and South America 100 million years ago. According to the media, a large mass of granite was found in the sea off the coast of Rio which is only formed on land and may be clear evidence of the continent where supposedly the legendary island Atlantis, as mentioned in ancient philosophical writings of Plato.

 The surprising discovery was made by manned submersible 6500, operated by a Japanese agency. The area where it was discovered the mass of granite is estimated that sank in the sea for several tens of millions of years, however, have not yet been found man-made structures. This is the first time you do this type of research with manned submersible in the South Atlantic. In late April, the agency in charge of the submersible explored the rise of the Rio Grande, a seabed of over 1,000 km southeast of Rio  After analyzing the data obtained from the video recordings, the agency stated that the structure was made of granite. It was also discovered in the area around the granite existence of a large amount of quartz sand, which is formed either at sea. The bedrock is believed to consist mainly of basaltic rock.

 The climb itself extends about 1,000 kilometers at its widest point, and is considered part of separate continent for over 100 million years. The explorers said the area was above sea level until about 50 million years, but plunged into a period of several million years, based on the fossils that have been nearby seafloor. According to experts, the rise of the Rio Grand the only area may dry land could have been in the past. , a professor of planetary science at the University of  Japan, said of the discovery.

 Africa and South America was a huge unified continent. The area in question could have been submerged in water when the continent was removed with the movement of the plates.

 the Japanese researcher who led the work of the Japan Marine Science and Technology said the region was of great interest to researchers:

This is the region that has been less explored in the world. Therefore, we believe it is very important for research. Previously, the  Sinai 6500 made expeditions closer to Japan,India and the Pacific Ocean.

The legend of the lost civilization of Atlantis appreciated for the first time in the writings of Plato, the great Greek philosopher and author, around 370. C. He described as a continent-sized island that existed somewhere west of the Mediterranean, by most interpretations. It was a peaceful and prosperous land of flourishing trade, very advanced in knowledge and technology, and powerful influence in government. After many years of prosperity, however, the gods condemned all civilization because their leaders arrogant and complacent citizens. In just a terrible day and night, narrated by Plato himself, Atlantis was totally destroyed by the catastrophic floods and disappeared under the sea.

 Plato’s description of the exact location of Atlantis is somewhat vague, as it only provides general direction. Many people have dedicated their lives to the study, research and the “hunt” of Atlantis. A lucrative cottage industry has grown around the legend, through countless books, articles, websites and movies, a whole world speculate about the fate of the earth truly doomed.

 Does this discovery in Brazil is really the tip of the iceberg of Atlantis? If so, we would find the answer to one of the oldest mysteries of the history of mankind. But as we have seen, there are many theories as to the true location of Atlantis, and in many cases, the discovery of underwater ruins always linked to the lost continent. Will we ever know the truth about Atlantis? Hopefully this new discovery is the key to solving the mystery.

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