The English Channel have raised an ancient statue of the Dutch

23 Aug

Ancient statueThe bottom of the English Channel have raised wooden statue, dating back more than 400 years, according to Radio and TV Corporation Bi-bi-si. Presumably statue graced the Dutch ship Suosh Channel view wreck, sunk in the XVII century under mysterious circumstances in 7.5 kilometers from the port town of Poole in the south of the United Kingdom. Statues mustachioed man with eye sockets of precious stones, made in the style of Baroque and reaches 8 5 meters in height. The wooden statue was part of the vessel with a length of almost 40 meters – an all-time great for the time. Lift the statue was made possible after the archaeologists of the grant in the amount of 500 thousand pounds / 782 thousand dollars /. Week divers worked to unearth the ship and setting a steel frame around it. During this time, they found dozens of artifacts that have been preserved among the remains of the ship, including: bronze compass, copper and pewter, ceramics and leather boots. All Point of next year will be on display in a museum inPoole. Such an operation in 1982, has allowed raising most of the ship remains the flagship of the English fleet XVI century – the Mary Rose. Now you can see them in Ports mouth harbor in the same museum, they clearly illustrate the lives of seafarers’ first half of the XVI century.

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