The unexplained mineral structure in the center east

21 Aug

The pilots of the Royal Air Force flew the route from Cairoto Baghdad. In their flight they saw something strange in the lava fields of Syria, eastern Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Scattered over the landscape desolate, barren desert, hundreds of miles from anywhere else, there were thousands and thousands of elaborate stone wheels, which precise up to 70 meters wide and it was only possible to see them beginning the sky.

Lt. Percy Maitl and was the first to document the extinction of the mysterious structures in an article available in 1927 for the journal Antiquity 1970s when Dr. David Kennedy, now a professor of ancient history at the University of Western Australia began studying old photographs of Jordan. From the mid-1990s, Professor Kennedy led an aerial photography development to document the Jordanian archaeological sites.

These structures are unknown. Often, you can not see any of these structures from the ground or just you can see only a stack of rocks that make no sense. But when view from the air is

Professor Kennedy never visited Saudi Arabia but has scanned 1,240 square kilometers of desert landscape with Earth and found 1,977 unexplained archaeological sites. He believes it could be 2000 years old, but these facts could be complete to 9000 years.

None of the wheels have been excavate stone, making it very difficult to discover its purpose. Some of the wheels are isolated while others are grouped. Near the Ezra Oasis, hundreds of them are in dozens of groups. Some of these wheels are rectangular and are not a complete wheel while others are circular, and contain two radios that form an alignment in the same direction seeing that the sun rises and sets in hand, have numerous spokes and in principle does not seem to be aligned through any astronomical phenomenon, although it is possible to have a example with other phenomena.

Las mistresses structures pier Media Oriented There are many theories about it, as not being studied in depth gives rise to much controversy both scientific, astronomical, even urologist. Archaeologists think they may have a reference identical to the NASCAR Lines, one similar to the enigmatic drawings in the NASCAR Desert. According to historians circles could be places of worship events or with seasons. For urologists these formations have become possible only with alien technology as astronomically perfect their training is only possible to do from the air, and as you know 2000 years ago ancient civilizations had no ability to fly, let alone perform mathematical calculations extremely complex.

 As can be seen, there is a large number and a wide variety of ways in different regions. But there are at a standstill many unreciprocated questions. It is not known why or by whom it was built, it is not known when it was built or by whom a inscrutability today.

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